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  1. I’ve seen Koyaaniqatsi before some year ago. Very impressive visual presentation and a nice Philip Glass soundtrack.

    The “life out of balance” theme can be interpreted as a religious one, or perhaps more simplistically as an anti-technology message. I tended to take the later since it was just after the back to the land Hippie period which was kind of off putting. The obligatory, for the time, anti-nuke stuff tends to date it as well.

    I admit that with some distance, the religious message is probably the most prominent, which, perhaps is what attracts you to it?

  2. I like it for the photography and the music. The message, well…I never agreed with that exactly. But I think it’s interesting to see the flow of human life that way.

  3. I was fortunate enough to see Koyaaniqatsi and Powwaqatsi in a theater about 8 years ago…with the Phillip Glass Ensemble accompanying the films live.
    The cinematography is so gorgeous that seeing them off film on a big screen was great. These days a Blu-ray and a calibrated 1080p plasma would probably be close, though.
    As for the “political messages,” they’re pretty weak. I just looked at the pretty pictures and enjoyed the music, anyway.

  4. I agree. Did you see Anima Mundi or Bakara? Anima Mundi is by the same team and Bakara is a similar film by the cinematographer (no Phillip Glass though). I will post Anima Mundi shortly. It’s on Google Video, too.

  5. Yep, got them both on DVD. And the soundtracks. Well, I have almost everything Glass has done on CD. And boy howdy, it’s a lot.
    If you haven’t heard his “Low Symphony” I recommend it. It shows his chops outside of minimalism and into full orchestration, and has few of his usual “loops and scales.”

  6. The cable company I use had a few decent Hi-Def channels a while back and one of them played this movie. I don’t remember if I saw it from the beginning but it was enjoyable to watch. Eventually these channels were discontinued (including my beloved Kung-Fu HD) to make room for more mainstream fare.

    Did get Baraka on Blu. Also quite nice.

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