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  1. Heh. Liberals can dish it out but they sure can't take it. This is almost as much fun as the cartoon itself.

  2. Apparently my recent Wonder Woman article stirred up the hornet's nest, I've been getting some angry emails and tweets off that. Here's one place thats started it all, by a former WW writer.


  3. It's not really meant to be funny. It's commentary. Comics don't have to have gags. It can be used in lots of ways. Most political cartoons aren't funny. They are editorial comments in a visual form.

  4. >rolls eyes< I know what political cartoons are… I just didn't find this particular one very clever or compelling.

    But as I said, the artwork itself is really great, so kudos for that.

  5. One of them is exposing the empty lives of bitter trolls and their desperate cries for attention through my blog comments.

  6. umm, I hate to break it to you, but I'm not a troll, I just happen to have an opinion and thought you would appreciate the snark

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