Leaders of What?

Our so called leaders are, for all intents and purposes, a joke these days. From Mayor Bloomburg blaming the Times Square bomb on someone unhappy with Obamacare. To the lame response from the Obama Administration trying to avoid the reality that this was yet another terrorist attack on US soil under their watch. Expect more of the same.

BTW: They just arrested a Pakinstani-American. Gee, sounds like a Tea Partier to me.

And lets not forget the pathetic response to the oil spill in the gulf. Forget Bush and Katrina, which was a failure of state and local government first. Here we have what amounts to inaction and utter stupidity, which is either intended so they can use it as an excuse to block offshore drilling, or they are just showing their lack of worth, once again.

They seem to be looking for ways to be partisan instead of solving problems. But that’s where they usually fall down because today’s politicians are all about creating bogus crises they can “solve”. Or creating the illusion of action when there is none. A classic example is the GM scam, where billions were loaned to GM, and an Obama appointed GM head claims that the economy is roaring back and they were able to pay back the government. Nope. It’s another Federal shell game where they use our money to try to fool us into thinking the government is saving something when it is merely creating the illusion of progress.

November is looking more important by the day.

UPDATE: There you go. Mission accomplished.

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  1. I realize it is almost always a fool’s errand to look for conspiracy theories, but there has been no significant oil leave in the Gulf since 1976, before I even graduated high school. Now, two weeks after Obama is finally forced, kicking and screaming, to okay at least the concept of the vague idea of offshore drilling in the Gulf…this happens?
    Now, of course I don’t believe some sort of secret Obama SEAL team took out the rig, but it really is the most appalling timing. Not to mention there are only a handful of rigs in the Gulf without blowout valves. Which, it may be noted, are inexplicably not required by US law–but most companies install them by choice. A wise choice, as BP will learn when they get the cleanup bill, which could have bought hundreds of thousands of such valves.

  2. Yeah,

    The timing of the oil spill is suspect, too, but I’m not into conspiracy theories and even I don’t think Big O is that scummy.

    Although he’s close to it.

    One thing it does is close the debate on drilling for the time being — which is unfortunate. The Enviro-Libs killed further offshore drilling which is really bad for us in the long run….

    When I saw the current GM chairman claiming they’d paid off the loan already I knew it was B.S. No way they did that in one year in this economy!!!

  3. This reminds me of the horrible timing of Chernobyl. America was finally coming back around to the idea of building more nucs, after being flim-flammed by the ridiculous “China Syndrome” movie that JUST HAPPENED to be released on almost the same day as the Three Mile Island accident. TMI was an accident where the safety mechanisms worked, no one was killed or exposed to more than an insignificantly small dose of radiation, and from which there were never any provable environmental or human consequences–with the exception of increased stress in the local residents, leading to a slightly higher heart attack rate. (One suspects being told repeatedly by the MSM that they were going to grow an extra head might be responsible for this, more than the accident itself.)
    Regardless, due to the movie and the media hysteria, it provided the push needed to get new nuclear power essentially banned in America (thanks, Jimmeh). Then finally, after 20 years, the idea was being floated again, and…Chernobyl. The (effectively) deliberately caused meltdown of Chernobyl has been describe by nuc engineers as “probably the worst imaginable nuclear power plant disaster short of a direct meteor strike.” Chernobyl had primitive safety mechanisms (which has been deliberately turned off), had no containment building (!!), and was a graphite-pile reactor. Graphite pile reactors are only used in the US for production of certain radioactive materials, and the only one remaining is a small research reactor. The problem with them is while they are easy to build (the first pile, built by Enrico Fermi, was graphite), their default state is hyper-critical. Losing the neutron modulator causes the core to go hypercritical. In a normal pressurized water reactor, loss of coolant causes the reaction to cease.
    So an accident in the notoriously inept Soviet Union, caused by deliberately shutting down the safety systems on the most dangerous kind of reactor, lacking a containment structure…was given as the reason we shouldn’t build the sort of reactors that had (and have) been running with a 100% safety record in countries all over the world, including India, for 40+ years.
    What I’d like to see is the breaks going OUR way, for once. Like finding out solar panels cause brain cancer, or wind power creates tornadoes, or something.
    I’d like to add that even though it is to the Ukraine’s benefit to claim so, the enviro-nut projected (and endlessly MSM-repeated) “hundreds of thousands of deaths” have yet to occur. Studies so far show no excess cancers within statistical uncertainty (even the notoriously hysterical WHO expects no more than 4,000). The confirmable death toll remains at less than 50, mostly among those who fought the fire. And the other three reactors there are still in operation. (And if you read the Wikipedia article, which sounds very impressive, note that it oddly makes no mention of the fact the reactor was graphite pile and what this meant. Gee, wonder why? Greenpeace at work?)

  4. The RBMK-1000 reactor design dated back to the frakking 1950s if I recall. Then when Chernobyl happened, the liberals ranted, raged and seethed that ALL reactors are built this way. Whish is, of course, BULL-S**T!

  5. Completely Off-topic, but would you have any commentry on the UK Elections? I think you mentioned that you lived there for a while.

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