Let's Review Some Of My Predictions from December 2009

Those of you who are long time readers of my blog know that my yearly tradition is to make predictions about the next year on New Years Eve. Normally, I review my predictions from the year before then. But I want to go over some from December 2009 just for a laugh.

2. Democrats will suffer epic losses in November, despite a slew of outrageous voting shenanigans involving the usual suspects. The Senate may go to Republicans and the House will be close to flipping. This will be aided by many Democrats changing parties in 2010.

Wrong on Dems flipping. Though I suspect some may after the election. But Republicans are set to take the house in a big way and even, possibly, the Senate.

3. But a third party conservative movement continues to grow as tea parties get larger through the year. Some congressional seats will go to these candidates.

The tea party is playing a big role this election, and the Republicans allowed them to run in their party so they did and kicked out a lot of GOP establishment types. So they didn’t have to go the third party route.

4. The health care bill will not sustain the internecine politics of the Democrats and public opinion. So Obama care will fail, barely.

Sadly, I was wrong. The Dems killed themselves to pass it and are paying the price tomorrow.

5. Obama will poll consistently in the 40s, and then in the 30s toward the end of the year. A growing anger toward his administration will begin to dominate the news cycle. Rumors that he won’t run in 2012 will circulate.

On the money. He is in the 30s now. Watch hoiw ugly it gets for him after the election.

6. Obama’s second stimulus will not help the economy. Unemployment continues to be bad. Housing sales will be sluggish due to continuing lending problems and defaults.

Yes, now he is going for another one, which is supposed to be for infrastructure. The first one was supposed to do that. Fool me once…

7. Obama’s “cool” demeanor will slip publicly more than a few times. He will be openly mocked by the press that once lionized him Especially when they they sense he can’t recover his popularity and they start to blame him for his party’s fall from grace.

We’ll see. I already see it beginning to happen.

8. Many top Democrats will lose their seats including Dodd, Reid, Boxer, Nelson. “Blue dogs” will be especially vulnerable.

This is before Dodd and Nelson “retired”. Reid and Boxer may be gone tomorrow. Let’s hope.

12. Massive protests around the world due to unemployment and inflationary problems that will be blame on US spending policies. Obama will get a lot of fire for his spending, which he will try to claim he is cutting back. But it will be too little too late.

Yes, this has been happening.

I could go on, but you get the point. A lot of my predictions this year are coming true.

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  1. There is one Demo☭rat I am holding up above even Boxer, Reid, and Pelosi, hoping for their defeat: Барни Франк!

  2. This will be aided by many Democrats changing parties in 2010.

    This would have happened if Obamacare hadn’t been rammed through. Now, no matter what a Democrat says now, no matter how much fiscal sanity he/she embraces – it’s understood they’re lying. Or as Ann Coulter says, Democrats always run as Republicans.

    Personally, I think this is a good thing. We need people like McCain and Snow as moderate Democrats, as a real alternative to the progressives – thereby forcing the progressives into a 3rd party and out of the mainstream. If anyone is going to flip, let it be the moderate wing of the GOP.

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