"Liberals" Turning on the Prez

It was bound to happen. We’ve seen it over and over again. So called liberals lionize some political leader until they find out what he is really made of and how utterly corrupt/incompetent/foolish/dangerous/all of the above he is. And then, to save face and themselves, have to turn against him in some way. Obama is encouraging this behavior in record time. As we have said over and over again before he was even sworn in, there is only one place to go when they build you up so high and that’s down. And for someone who had no real experience, or record of doing anything of note, none of this should come as a surprise. But this might. People like Barbra Streisand applauding Republican ideas.

Ferguson added: “The critical point is if your policy says you’re going run a trillion-dollar deficit for the rest of time, you’re riding for a fall…Then it really is goodbye.” A dashing Brit, Ferguson added: “Can I say that, having grown up in a declining empire, I do not recommend it. It’s just not a lot of fun actually—decline.”
Ferguson called for what he called “radical” measures. “I can’t emphasize strongly enough the need for radical fiscal reform to restore the incentives for work and remove the incentives for idleness.” He praised “really radical reform of the sort that, for example, Paul Ryan [the ranking Republican on the House Budget Committee] has outlined in his wonderful ‘Roadmap’ for radical, root-and-branch reform not only of the tax system but of the entitlement system” and “unleash entrepreneurial innovation.” Otherwise, Ferguson warned: “Do you want to be a kind of implicit part of the European Union? I’d advise you against it.”

This was greeted by hearty applause from a crowd that included Barbra Streisand and her husband James Brolin. “Depressing, but fantastic,” Streisand told me afterward, rendering her verdict on the session. “So exciting. Wonderful!”

Even the so called elites are seeing what is being done. And they are seeing their futures in doubt because of his draconian kleptocratic policies. And when you lose the elites, who bankroll things, you’re in for it. Maybe that’s why they are trying to get so many crooked bills through before November so ensure they will keep getting money to rob and oppress capitalists. They will have to get it through government thuggery once they have scared off the rich who once embraced them.

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  1. Speaking as a die-hard liberal, I distrusted Obama from the first, advised people NOT to support him, and at this point I SO wish I had been dead wrong about him. What amazes me is not that people are finally seeing what's going on here, but that people, otherwise seemingly very intelligent, will support this administration in everything, no matter what. Anyone who points out a, shall we say, misrepresentation, or bad outcome, or the economic trainwreck we're in the midst of and how much worse its been made, is just a terrible, terrible person. Wait'll they're living out under the freeway overpass with the rest of us middle class shlubs because of the mandatory health payments to robber baron insurance companies. 'Course, it'll be too late then I guess, for them and the country.

  2. Yep. That's why I, a person who really doesn't like to talk about politics, feels the need to. I am anti-political, but you can't afford to be anymore if you want stop this slide into despotism.

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