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  1. You are a disgusting RACIST and don’t pull the pity card because doing this shows that you are. Where were YOU when Laura Bush was smoking and helping kids with literacy?!?! God forbid you defame a WHITE first lady. Fucking ignorant piece of shit

    • There’s nothing racist about the cartoon just as there’s nothing intelligent about your childish rant. You are a defender of an autocratic government run by corrupt imbeciles. If you want to make a fool of yourself, you’re doing a great job.

  2. Mr. Hudnall I would first like to thank you. Mr. Breitbart couldn’t get a good jury if Clarence Thomas was the judge and you had 12 tea baggers on the jury. The “Mammy” character was played out with “Tom and Jerry” cartoons.

  3. ” You are a defender of an autocratic government run by corrupt imbeciles. If you want to make a fool of yourself, you’re doing a great job”

    Someone could say the same thing about you Cutty. Where were you when Dubya and the Koch family destroyed America?

    Here’s a little “entertainment” for you , motion.




    • There’s no reason for Walt Kelly to agree with me if he was alive. His politics weren’t mine. However, if he was truly serious about opposing government intrusion in our freedoms, he would have liked it. Because that’s what it was about. Not whether or not she’s fat or some of the many other interpretations I’ve heard.

      • Please. The wives of presidents have championed causes and you’re making this First Lady’s cause a partisan issue because you’re either too lazy to come up with any valid criticism or simply lack talent. Probably both or its just the issue of healthy eating that simply irks you since it looks like you get your clothes by the acre.

          • If some one insulted you, then it is you and only you.You made yourself irrelevant by attacking a good initiative as some thing deplorable in such a way that is not only racist but also inhumane.

          • Inhumane is attacking people you don’t know based on lies spread by scumbags. You’re only fooling yourself.

  4. You liberals aren’t covering yourselves in glory in the comments here.
    Look, first of all decades of you using claims of racism to try and shut people up have rendered the word devoid of meaning and its use worthless. So forget that and try to come up with something meaningful.
    Second, you are accusing Hud and Batton of something they did not do. They are not attacking Michelle for her “let’s try and render the First Lady relevant” campaign for healthy eating. Who could? They are attacking her for her blatant hypocrisy and her typical Washington attitude that “rules are for the little people.”
    Finally, if Michelle wants to blow a bunch of taxpayer money telling kids to eat their vegetables (something my mom did for me for free), that’s annoying enough, but when she wants to start legislating behavior, my answer is the one used by generations of feminists: “my body, my choice.”
    And before you start whining that my bad eating habits are going to “cost you money,” let’s talk a bit about your lifestyle. I bet I can find a lot of things YOU do I’d be glad to tell you to knock off.
    (And one more thing–before you start wheeling out the “but your people did it too!” examples, keep in mind I hated that, too. A bad idea is a bad idea.)

    • Not to mention that the road to hell is freshly paved with the “it’ll cost society if we let you eat bad food” argument. Which is why I absolutely reject such logic — and so would average so-called liberals, if they had the capacity for long-term strategic thought.

      Where will it end? Reeducation camps for the recalcitrant? Given the tone and temperament of some of the commenters here, I’d say we’re not too far away from the Killing Fields 2.0.

    • In a comments section full of idiotic ad hominem arguments by frothing, mindless, talking-points spewing liberals, you are (so far) the thread winner. Wait until you tell you friends how your intellect and reason crushed the racist opposition!
      What are editorial cartoonist supposed to do? Draw Obama and Michelle as if they didn’t look black? You’d scream racist at that, too. As for exaggerating their distinguishing personal characteristics, that is the very definition of caricature.
      Your contribution to this discussion has been zero. Congratulations.

  5. Where have you seen Michelle eat like this..? Now, we know Sarah Palin eat moose, and, other critters..but, have you done a comic on that..have you done a comic on her wild, out of control teenage daughters…? I think not..and, Michelle is not fat, and, President Obama ears is not that large..Get a like Hudnall, you and Lash…OH, ONE OF YOU NEEDS TO SHED A FEW POUNDS YOURSELF…CAN WE SEE THAT IN A COMIC SOON…

  6. Yes the cartoon is racist. Really I don’t know which is worse the art that sucks or the lame script which attempts to pass as humor. Wow, you libertarians are really helping to make this country better… A true example of how the internet is a waste of time.

  7. I think the artist was trying to make a point about hypocrisy and our obsession with ’causes’ especially when it comes to health and diet (points taken).

    Where’s the racism? Perhaps the Hudnall should have used a lighter skin tone? Sheesh, get a life…

  8. From the photos I’ve seen, you, Andrew Breitbart, and Limbaugh would do well to follow her dietary advice.

    I’m not a big cheerleader for Obama; he’s a big disappointment to me. I don’t understand why your kind wasn’t foaming at the mouth angry at Bush as well. He did so many things to reduce the rights we have, but the Right turned a blind eye to all of it. If Obama throws someone in jail for no reason, you can thank Bush for that. If he taps your phone without a warrant, you can thank Bush for that as well.

    • Ah, here we go with the personal attacks. Guess what? I’m not ordering people around like she is. You want to eat what you want, I’m cool with it. She’s not. I oppose all control freaks.

      FYI Bush left office 2 years ago. All of the laws he signed had to pass Congress. They needed Democrats to pass. Democrats are equally responsible for his wars, for Homeland Security. Notice they aren’t doing a whole lot different than Bush.

  9. It’s truly magical seeing Godwin’s law at work. Are half of you people on drugs? The number of ad hominem attacks here is staggering. It seems some people see a political disagreement as a personal insult. Have any of you seen a political cartoon in the past ten years? Every major player on the left and right portrayed as pigs, monkeys, every degrading sick thing imaginable. Why no massive outcry? Ah, that’s right – it’s okay if it’s the “other side”.
    Harden the —- up, kids.

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