Looney Gate

The gate thing is really a lazy way for journalists to name something a scandal. But the greatest scandal as far as the press is concerned is how insane they’ve become. When it comes to Sarah Palin, they’ve become a bunch of ravening loons. Check out this guy’s CNN piece.

She was caught red-handed. The surreal scene of Sarah Palin referring to notes written on her palm during a Q&A session after her speech at the National Tea Party convention has validated skeptics even as it’s been dismissed by her supporters.

This disconnect is a real problem for Palin and the Republican Party. Palin’s presidential hopes are already confronting the fact that she is the most polarizing figure in American politics.

So, she wrote six words on her hand to remind herself what issues to cover that proves what exactly? He calls it “Palm Gate” and says it’s “proof” that she is not going to appeal to centrist voters. This is from a guy with a book called “Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America.” Yeah, very non-partisan.

I mean, seriously, the way these people are responding to Palin is almost hysterically funny. They have no idea that they are probably making people more interested in supporting her, not less. The press has become unhinged. They do not report anything remotely like the truth anymore. The way they continue to act like Global Warming is a reality when the whole scam is unraveling. The way they continue to defend Obama when it’s clear he has no idea what he’s doing, their credibility is shot. Why should anyone believe anything they say anymore?

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  1. These are the same nut-jobs that said that she got $100,000 for her speech at the ‘Tea Party Conference’. Only problem is that she donated it back. All they had to do was read a little further, or get who ever it was that was reading it to them, to read a little further. Cordiall Charles

  2. And the obssession continues – http://www.newsarama.com/comics/boom-conservative-controversy-repuglicans-100215.html

    Man, are these people so fucking stupid that they can’t see the fact that these anti-conservative satires are getting really really old? And what’s even scarier is that many of the commentators don’t seem to be getting sick of this stuff. Like it’s something edgey or new or something.

    Arent these writers supposed to criticise those in power? Isnt that the “contriversal” thing to do? I mean they’ve been doing it for about 8 years before 2009! It fucking makes me depressed how comic writers have become like this.

  3. They aren’t attacking those in power, they are protecting the establishment. The establishment is the progressives. They are nothing but lap dogs. It’s sad and they probably don’t even realize what they’ve become.

    • And that’s what drives me unbelievably nuts!!! The fact that these people call themselves “anti-establishment” but become complete and utter fanboys of the establishment as soon as it’s a “liberal”/democrat in power. But at the same time it’s amazing how seemingly intellegent and educated people don’t seem to see the double standard in all this.

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