Lost Finale

For me it was a let down, but I saw it coming. I knew after they did that Richard episode that they weren’t going to give us much of anything and I was right.

The big cork in a cave plot device was right out of Lost in Space. I was expecting Dr. Smith to make a cameo.

Is it just me, or did the alternate heaven reality remind anyone of Evangelion?

The show was entertaining and had some great characters and actors, but it was obviously a bunch of red herrings with very little substance. Too bad. In the end, it was
like Alias and its stupid Rimbaldi devices, a lot of hokum.

The Sixth Sense reveal at the end was something I knew was going to happen pretty early in the finale. I sensed it even at the beginning of the season but didn’t want to believe they would go there.

Ah well, Breaking Bad has been awesome this season. Last night’s episode “Fly” was a quiet, but funny one. Only three more of those to go this year. Sigh.

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  1. Did you know where the various continuous plot strings in B5 were going, ’cause a LOT of stuff in Seasons 4 and 5 caught me — happily — by surprise!

  2. Oh, you should give it a try. When hard core SF experts talk about SF on TV, they refer to three specific “phase change” shows: the original Twilight Zone, the original Star Trek, and Babylon 5.

  3. Was too busy following 24 this whole time and never was once really interested in LOST. I hope you gave 24 a chance this season James. It was a worthy last season.

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