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  1. Cap is one of my favorite Marvel characters.

    The Classic Cap I knew from the 1960s and 1980s stories would have totally been in favor of people’s right to protest and would not have mocked the Tea Party movement. In fact, being the ultimate student of American history, he would have appreciated where they were coming from.

    It’s only the ignorant Progressives (the people writing AND editing Marvel Comics) who aren’t aware of what the Tea Party is protesting… the gradual erosion of our rights, the entitled feelings of the political class that has developed in our country, and the fact that the MSM is supporting the corrupt politicians and rotted corporate-political structure in place right now.

    It’s not a Right/Left thing although there seem to be more Right of Center people aware of what’s going on within the Tea Party movement.

    We’re literally fighting now to get back to a government and political system that respects OUR written Constitution and have leaders in place that realize they are OUR servants and not vice-versa.

  2. I haven’t gotten around to reading Brubaker’s Captain America in part because major story points keep making news. Bucky, the death of…, the Civil War stuff (which I had zero interest in) and now this.

    Though I have little issue with lefty points of views, or good writers who insert them into their work, I hope the attention this story is getting alerts the comicbook companies that their readership (what little there is) covers all parts of the political spectrum.

    I’d prefer to see more diverse views presented, but perhaps it’s more practical for an editor to say “no politics” on company owned franchises. They certainly go out of their way to avoid addressing Islamic extremism and other potentially “sensitive” situations.

    I’m not a regular comicbbok reader (at the moment) so maybe there are some exceptions that I’m not aware of.

    By the way, this particular Captain America, he spent a lot of time with the Soviets, right?

  3. I have no problem with politics in comics as long as it isn’t one sided or extremely misinformed like this was. The idea that Marvel had the superheros all vote for Obama is beyond the pale. There are people working in comics who feel they have to keep their political views hidden because the climate is so one sided. That is appalling.

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