Mass Effect 2

I’ve been playing this game. It is even better than the first one, which was the best Sci-Fi game yet. It creates a really wonderful space explorer feel in a Star Wars type universe full of alien races and space colonies. The designs are fantastic. I love walking around the alien cities. The battles are well done. It’s like a SF version of Dragon Age: Origins, in a way, though part one preceded that game. This has better graphics than the first, which was excellent already. It takes place 2 years later and Captain Shepard gets a new ship and has to find a fresh crew to take on another mysterious alien race that’s attacking human colonies.

The aliens are fantastic. Their faces express emotions in subtle ways. And they got a lot of good actors to play the characters.

If you like SciFi then you’d love this game. It really takes you to some fantastic places. It’s like being in a cool SF novel or movie.

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  1. I was extremely impressed with the commercials for the game, where the characters were interviewed, especially the one for Subject Zero (the tough psychopath girl). That had some of the best use of motion-capture I’ve ever seen!

    Robert Zemeckis, take note.

  2. I find it way better than Zemeckis movies animation. The expressions are very believable and the characters movements are too, it doesn’t have that weird feel. Plus the set designs are awesome.

    • It’s games like this that proves that Hollywood isn’t the be all and end all of visual entertainment/storytelling.

      Heck, if you’re tired of the way Hollywood treats the military then one should just look at the many Military themed shooters available right now. These game developers really do their best to portray American Soldiers in the most positive light. They’re also pretty good at getting all the modern hardware, uniforms, and tactics right. Much, much better job in researching the modern military than most Hollywood writer/producers.

  3. Also, conservatives should really start being open minded about video games. I just cringe whenever Fox or Glenn Beck starts reporting BS that Mass Effect is some sex simulator.

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