Michelle Obama Politicizes the Food Network

My latest Big Hollywood article.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick of politics being jammed in my face everywhere I look. Yeh, I know I talk about it on my blog, but that’s because I am tired of a one sided debate.

It seems you can’t escape the Obamas if you own a TV. They make the Clinton’s look modest.

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  1. Great piece!
    It’s so damned true. The entertainment media, even places like the Science Channel, are run by liberals who are incapable of understanding that 50% of their viewers did not vote for Obama and are not liberals. Any time I’m watching what should be a completely apolitical show on TV (say, a show about quantum physics) and they try to squeeze in Bush-bashing or Obama-fellating or global warming, etc, I instantly stop the show and delete it. I wish there was an easy way to feed back our displeasure to the advertisers.
    One of the greatest things to happen recently was Discovery spinning off the Green Channel. It got all those enviro-freak shows off Discovery and I simply deleted Green from my channel guide. Thanks, Discovery!

  2. It’s funny how the 1960s “hippie” shows that I used to be able to tolerate have become so ideological (idiotlogical, really), too.

    You knew something was up with Sesame Street after Elmo knocked off the old guard like Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch. Things only got worse with Cookie Monster ditching cookies for health food and the continuing revamp of the old Street into Lefty Corners.

    The Big Hollywood link to “SS” at the NY Times is appropriate, indeed!

    Fascists flock together like Big Birds of a feather…

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