Mike Barr in Talks to Join Fortan Media

Comics legend and my old Ultraverse co-founder and friend Mike Barr is having discussions with me about publishing a fantasy novel under the Fortan Media imprint. We’re excited to add him to the roster of talent. Mike would be the first official writer to join, even though I have several others planning to do so soon.

Mike has been doing comics for awhile and he has written plenty of prose. He’s been working on this novel for awhile and it’s ready to go.

Once a Wizard is the exciting story of John North, a retired Magus and former member of a mystic order. North is now a middle-aged father, whose daughter is kidnapped by the members of his former order for purposes unknown. To rescue his daughter and to determine their plan, North must reawaken his atrophied mystic talents and travel the world, acquiring as he does so a cadre of colorful followers. Once a Wizard is set in a fantasy world which is not overly romanticized — no elves, no unicorns — but is recovering from the devastating effects of a war of magic-users a generation earlier. Once a Wizard is to some degree a classic “quest” fantasy that contains elements of urban fantasy.

We’re discussing scheduling and covers. I’m excited. More info will be forthcoming soon.

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  1. Glad to see Mike moving into the world of prose novels. Less enthused that he’s actually using the exact name I have for an upcoming character. Ah, well, plenty of Norths in the world.

    Definitely would be interesting to see The Maze Agency turned into a series….

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