I just fired off a Big Hollywood article that is bound to make some people mad. Should be amusing. It’s about the Letterman/Palin fight. And other ridiculous crap this week.
Look for it any day now.

Meanwhile, on the American Idol front apparently Allison, Adam and Kris all have CD contracts but not Danny. I think he deserves one. Well, it took a while for Elliot to get one in Season 5 but he actually had a couple hits off his first CD.

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  1. I was pretty disgusted by the whole Letterman affair myself. It just exposes him as an old, crotchety (and arguably misogynist) jerk who should have hung it up a long time ago. He’s the head editor on that show and he CAN shoot down jokes if he wants. He can’t blame it on counterculture writers! It’s just mean-spirited and counterproductive for his ratings in the long run if he actually cares anymore. NBC made the right choice in going with Leno to replace Johnny (but it was still poorly implemented just as the O’Brien installation is).

    The fact that nobody in the media outside of Fox and Talk Radio has spoken out for Palin and her kid speaks volumes about how low discourse has run in this country. As long as you tow the stupid party line (as defined by the Hard-Core left and its media enablers), you’re okay. Show a bit of personal initiative or counter-party opinion, then everybody is allowed to smear you — even if you’re just a kid! There really needs to be a whole-sale sweep of the so-called talking heads in the “Fourth Estate” but I don’t think that culture will change as long as broadcasting and journalism schools cultivate narcissists and a certain group-think mentality. Frankly, you almost have to be a needy attention-grabber/narcissist showman to want to do this crap in the first place! Too bad having manners and actually knowing what you’re talking about in the first place are not requirements for being a journalist.
    My goodness, Letterman called Palin a slut? She dresses way classier and doesn’t do anything nearly as outrageous as half the female singers and at least a quarter of the under-30 actresses in this world and he’s slagging her??? Have things gone so down the tubes in our society that we elevate know-nothing scuzzy celebrities above responsible people? It’s one thing going after a politician — but his attacks got very personal and delved into issues of her femininity — but when you go after her kid and suggest raping her that’s just totally classless. If I didn’t already think Letterman was a jerk for other things this would have sealed the deal!
    The whole Miss California mess just demonstrates what a twat Trump really is. If his pageant didn’t want her because of her opinion then they should have let her go a month ago. To let this thing drag out and give more time to the scream queens like Perez Hilton and generate publicity for the pageant was unfair to Prejean whether you like her or not. Trump and his pageant deserve to be sued — as if the Donald wasn’t facing that already from those condo properties he fronted in Mexico but his company defaulted on. Trump’s a real class case — as if his divorces haven’t already proven — NOT!


    And the sad thing is that deflects attention from the real tragedy of the country — a bunch of people in this country continue to sit idly by while the One continues to stack government with a bunch of techno-fascists answerable to no one who have absolutely no experience running anything.

    Yeah, that really inspires confidence!

  2. The reason they are attacking Palin so viciously is simple. They fear her. She’s got a shot at being a presidential nominee and is almost a shoo-in for VP. And they can tell she resonates not only with the Republicans but with conservatives and even a lot of independents. She is a politician to be feared by the left.
    And as they have done in the past with such people (eg, Newt Gingrich) all the stops are pulled out. They are attacked in the most vicious ways. Mobs of “investigators” are sent to dig through their trash, their government records, even interviews with old school friends (see: Joe the Plumber). Every aspect of their lives that is less than flawless will be made into a Huge Breaking News Story and stuck on repeat for weeks.
    If Palin wants to move ahead, she needs to be prepared for the biggest anal probe the media can bring into action, and for the October Surprises that will be their final nuclear attack.
    The media treated Regan as a joke. They learned from that. By the time they are done with Palin, she’ll be “known” to be retarded, hypocritical gutter trash and “worse than Hitler.”
    On the up side, if she can make it through that and yet still get elected, it will be one of the death rattles of the MSM, and proof that she is one seriously tough broad–just what you want in a president.

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