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  1. Consumer tech may make wizardry cheaper but it still comes down to life experience and having the maturity to utilize the camera and tech properly. As well as direct people. You can be a great technical director but be horrible when it comes time to direct people… like, say George Lucas!

    I think a 30-year-old has a better grasp of life than an 18-year-old kid… A 40- or 50-year-old who’s been married, had kids, or at least been scarred by life has better perspective and definitely more stories to tell.

    And yet who generally helms films? A bunch of kids who really don’t know anything!

    It shows most of the time…!

    What the hell is film school for anyway? You’d be better off bumming around on trains and seeing the country. You’ll learn more travelling and reading than sitting in what amounts to a philosophy class!

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