Moving to Austin!

I got a job offer in Austin, Texas and felt like making the change. I’ve been hearing for years how great it is there. I have friends there and there are all kinds of advantages compared to San Diego for living there, so I’m making the move next weekend. I haven’t been to Austin, but I used to live in San Antonio which is close. Back when I was in the Air Force. That was a log time ago. I’ve been waiting to explore more of the midwest and east and, so Austin is a good place to make a base. I’ll still go to San Diego Comic Con if I’m able, because it’s a ritual with me. But I’m really looking forward to checking out some of the eastern and southern Conventions. There’s one in Austin a week or so after I get there.

I’ll be posting images from my road trip on here or Facebook.


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  1. Welcome.

    I’m up in the NE corner of the state in Tyler. Now I’ve got an added reason to brave the looniness that is Austin.

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