My First Tea Party

I went over to the starting Tea Party Express event as they travel across the country this week. They kicked off here in San Diego in the park next to the Midway Aircraft carrier, which is over in the harbor near Seacoast Village. In fact, that area used to be where the tuna fleet was based when I was in high school. Of course, environmentalists drove all of the fleet to Costa Rica with their absurd claims that they were killing dolphins. So a lot of jobs went away from our economy.

I mention this because my step dad worked on those boats (as a cook) and he said the fishermen, who were all Portuguese, were very superstitious and considered dolphins like people, so they would not kill them. Other fisherman from Japan and elsewhere may have done that, but not our people. That kind of stuff helped me become so cynical about green scams.

But anyway, the park is now called Tuna Park and has a cool statue of Bob Hope and the sailor kissing the nurse from V day. I estimated there were around 2,000 people there. They all had hand made signs (except for one or two) and/or flags they bought there. As you can see in this picture, I stuck my “Don’t Tread on Me” flag in the back of my shirt, Samurai style.


It was a very spirited affair with speakers and musical entertainment. I ended up being far from the stage so I didn’t stay to see the whole thing. In fact, I couldn’t see the stage. But I enjoyed the energy. I was there about 90 minutes not including a 45 minute wait for it to start. I tried to get there early for parking, but I still had to go two blocks away to park at a pay lot.

The show started with someone singing the Star Spangled Banner very well. People sang along, then they did the pledge of allegiance. I would say most of the people there were middle aged, and white but there were plenty of Black, Asian and Hispanic faces. In fact several of the Tea Party express speakers were black, so it’s hardly a racist event. Everyone was well mannered. They were there to listen to the speakers talk about what can be done to prevent the radical changes Obama and his crew are trying to do.

But there was nothing radical about the event. It was a very orderly and peaceful. Like a mild rock concert, as there was a lot of music. And people got into it. They seemed to be having a good time.

The only disruptors we could see there where some people who were supposedly dressed as “the rich”, mocking the whole thing. Well, they looked out of place. Everyone else there was dressed casual. There was one guy in a Revolutionary type costume, with a tri-cornered hat. That was the only other costume I saw.

It’s pathetic that the Democrats are so terrorized by these things. The lies they and the MSM have said are appalling. It really tells you how corrupt and despicable the people in power are. These tea partiers are just concerned Americans voicing a protest. They are not all Republicans. More than a few people bashed Republicans as much as the Dems. A lot of people have become independents like me (I have always been an independent). They may have been dems or republicans. But not anymore.

I recommend checking one out if you can. The schedule is on their website.

Tea_Party _16

[photos courtesy of Jackie Estrada]
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