My Michael Jackson Experience

I met Michael Jackson just once back in 1993. It was only months before the story broke that he was accused of sexually molesting the then 13 year old Jordy Chandler.

Like a lot of people before that scandal, I was an admirer of his music. I grew up listening to the Jackson Five and later Michael Jackson’s solo efforts. I wasn’t a huge fan, but I bought most of his CDs.

Coincidentally, I was living in Encino, California in 1993. The Jackson family lived not far from me. I would see Joe Jackson at the supermarket or Randy at the car wash. But I never expected to meet Michael.

About once a week I would go over the hill to Golden Apple Comics on Melrose. It was owned by a friend, the late Bill Liebowitz, and I also had a bunch of friends who worked there. They told me Michael was a frequent customer. He would go there with a group of kids and buy them whatever they wanted. He would often spend thousands on those days, so he was a favorite customer.

I asked one of my friends there if Michael bought any comics for himself. He said sure. So I said what kind of books does he read? He said “Anything with kids in them.” I remember thinking: “Brrr!” at the time.

Sure, that could be innocent and all, but there were all those stories even then of Michael having kids with him all the time. Which is kind of odd for a grown man, but Michael Jackson was never known for being normal.

Everyone I know who knew him personally said he was a very nice guy, kind of quiet and he did a lot with charity. No one had a bad thing to say about him. But I did detect a certain cautious vibe when discussing Michael with my friends at the store. They didn’t say why, but they felt he was weird. And this is from people who worked at a store on Melrose in L.A.

So one day I came in the store and one of my friends told me Jackson was in the store. And there he was, over by the comics rack. He had his arm around someone like he was on a date. That someone was Jordy Chandler.

I walked over to the long racks and pretended not to notice them. Jackson has his people with him including his driver. That driver was to later be a witness against Jackson in his trial.

Jackson was whispering in Jordy’s ear and they were acting totally like people on a date. It was not the kind of behavior a couple of straight guys do together. Then they went back in the store in the employee area and disappeared. They were gone for a half hour. I stuck around and talked to my friends, just shooting the breeze. I assumed Jackson left by the back door to avoid people. But Bill the owner asked me if I wanted to meet Michael Jackson, and I said, sure.

Jackson reappeared, and left the store. I went out there with Bill and he introduced me. Jordy had detached from Michael and went to the car which was a black SUV. I didn’t shake hands with Jackson, I only got to exchange pleasantries. But I noticed something, when I tried to look him in the eyes, he had this very evasive, almost crazed look.

Now, I have met a lot of celebrities so I don’t really see them as anything other than people who work in the entertainment business. No celeb has ever awed me and Jackson was no different. I know he wasn’t acting weird because of me. I got the sense something was going on. Either he was nuts or on something at the time. Because that was a weird look in his eyes.

After they took off, I went back in the store to buy some comics and I asked one of my friends what they were doing in the back room for so long. He said Michael and Jordy were in the bathroom for a half hour.


I said, huh? He said that’s not unusual for him.

Now, I don’t know what they did in there, but it was a small one person bathroom. And I can only think of a couple reasons two people would go into a small bathroom together. One of the nice reasons is they were helping the other with their costume. He wasn’t wearing anything hat out of the ordinary. So that leaves the other two reasons, since we can assume Jordy is potty trained at 13. Sex or drugs.

When the story about the molestation broke a few months later, that pretty much made up my mind which reason it was.

A lot of people say Michael Jackson did not molest kids. Maybe not. But I have a hard time believing it.

Everyone I know, who worked with Michael had great things to say about him, so I suppose he wasn’t a bad person. But if you have followed his story closely, he was no saint either. He actively worked to insure his brothers would never succeed. He reneged on deals constantly and didn’t pay people he owed money to.

There will be a lot of stories coming out about him and his defenders will work hard to try to canonize him. But the truth is a lot more complex.

UPDATE: Now Chandler is claiming nothing happened. I think he is embarrassed by teh while thing now that he’s an adult. He cold have come out while MJ was alive, but no.

I stand by my story.

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  1. Okay, I’ll say it less than two days after he died… Yes, I believe Michael Jackson was a serial pedophile. It’s a shame so many people gave him a pass on this and that so many celebrity kids lied for him or didn’t report on him, either, but that’s the power of celebrity and money in our time. Remember, OJ got acquitted, too, and committed perhaps the only crime that’s possibly worse than child molestation.

    Despite that, I also believe Jackson was a genuine creative genius. One of the few that I’ve truly seen. I don’t believe George Lucas or Steven Spielberg are particularly geniues but very shrewd businessmen and up until the 1990s Spielberg was a decent storyteller. Jackson, on the other hand — yes, he WAS a genius. Probably the only genius in entertainment that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. The other genuine entertainment genius I’ve read about was Walt Disney. Disney is perhaps one of the few that have ever existed in entertainment who’s arguably as clever as any scientist that’s won a Nobel Prize.

    Now Jackson’s genius IMHO shines through in the music videos he created for the 1980s and early 1990s. I still believe his masterpiece was the “Thriller” music video and to this day it’s the most impressive music video ever filmed. Very watchable still and it’s a shame to see how the artform has fallen so badly since its time.


    Back to Jackson’s weird life…

    This guy was seriously hurt as a kid and I think it messed him up in his personal life and sexuality. I’m sorry, but even in this day and age I find it weird that a guy wears lipstick and shades all the time and has as much plastic surgery as Jackson had.

    You get the feeling he was never comfortable in his own skin.

    Does this give him a pass on what he allegedly did to kids? No, but it kind of lays down some foundation for his behavior in adulthood. Again, I don’t condone pedophilia and certainly believe he should have been found guilty if that was the case but we’ve all seen that the power of celebrity and money lets people with serious personal problems and dangerous proclivities get away with them.

    Yes, I believe he was also a serious drug addict, too. Between the molestation charges and all the damage he did to his body through surgery and those intense dance moves (he had to have arthritis and bad joints like many pro athletes develop early in life), I think that’s when he started on drugs for pain and the problem just got worse. Some doctors are particularly bad when it comes to prescribing drugs for celebrities because they get starstruck like everybody else. Other doctors are just creeps who skated under the Hippocratic oath and are making serious change with prescriptions for people who can afford thousands of dollars of drugs — they are no better than drug dealers in that case.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Jackson had the heart of a man 80 years old when he died. He looked so anorexic the past few years of his life and his body was probably feeding on itself to stay alive. It was coincidence that he passed away the same day as Farrah Fawcett and on the eve of the “tax binge” vote but it was only a matter of time before major organ failure for Jackson.

  2. If any human seemed Damned, it was him. He had every chance people dream of, and he looked like walking death. He must have been an extremely miserable person. With all that cocooning he did, surrounding himself with useless crap.

  3. Beatings from his father from a young age, and being in the media spotlight for forty consecutive years and an eventual pain killer addiction. You expect him to turn out ‘normal’?

    Now we need to reflect on his greatness. Once in a lifetime genius, indeed.

    Those that want to be negative need to instead look at the bigger picture, as George mentions – instead lay your blame an abusive childhood and a parasitic media. MJ has suffered enough.

    ps. MSM: parasitic and _also_ opportunistic – given the ensuing MJ death whoring tv spectacular, made the most of it by almost entirely blackening out discussion of the two very important bills that were recently voted on – S909 and HR2454 – attacking free speech and a new excuse to steal money from the public. They’re all in on this attack on liberties together: our leaders, MSM, banksters & big business. Cunts. But, I digress.

    RIP MJ.

  4. His brothers and sisters had the same parents. Only LaToya seems as strange as Michael in her own way. I think Michael went wrong mostly after his huge success. Some people can’t handle it when they get really successful. He is not alone.

  5. From my blog:

    There have been three Michael Jacksons. The first was the young man who sang with his brothers. The second was the Off The Wall/Thriller superstar.

    The third is the one most folks will probably remember – the eccentric, lighter-skinned, plastic surgery altered, child-molestation-accused recluse.

    And it’s sad that the last one will most likely be his final legacy. Jackson was a tremendously talented showman, and he made some amazing music. While I wasn’t a fan, I could appreciate his music and the dance moves.

    I also was more than a little amazed at how he was…well, deified. At his final trial, one fan released doves as each not-guilty verdict was read. I swear, they could have found explicit video tape of him naked in the ball-crawl at Chuck E. Cheese with four underage male hookers, and his fans would swear it was manufactured or say Jackson was “misunderstood”. Brin tells me that radio stations of every genre – right down to the hard-core hip-hop stations – were playing Michael Jackson music immediately after his passing.

    The closest I could come to quantifying the response would be…Barack Obama. If Obama passed, the outpouring would be about the same.

  6. Amazon says 60% of their CD sales yesterday were MJ albums, plus their top 16 best selling CDs were MJ, as well as the 7 top best selling DVDs.
    The guy could dance and all, but this is absurd.

  7. Toren,

    That’s why Freddie Mercury and Queen hid Freddie’s AIDS condition from the public, as he was afraid that people would only buy their albums out of pity.

    And that’s why, whenever there was a current event involving Michael Jackson, especially when he was married, and even divorced, MTV capitalized on such events by playing a Michael Jackson marathon! And correspondingly, people bought his albums for all the wrong reasons, one being pity.

    I thought I would buy Michael Jackson’s music and such, because I like the guy and his work?

    Even George Carlin raises some good points as to why Michael Jackson is the greatest music artist ever, one being showmanship.

    (But I still love Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis, Jr.!)

    I think it’s sad that Michael Jackson died, but the most important thing is that I have my memories of him. And I mean good memories. I’m not going to mindlessly just go out and buy something out of pity like everybody else is now. That would be an insult to his memory.

  8. Carlin really hated white people for some reason. His Elvis riff is self hatred and tired. Elvis had a lot in common with Michael Jackson. The difference is Elvis kept working up almost up until he died. And he had hits almost every time he cut a album.

    Jacko pretty much fizzled out in the 90s. His dance movies were mostly something he did in the 80s. In the 90s it became less and less special, more weird. His music declined a lot. Elvis’ didn’t, but he didn’t write his own songs either. I suspect neitehr did Michael. He co-wrote a bunch like a lot of modern artists.

    Greatest pop star of all time is almost a meaningless term. It’s reminds me of the lilies of the field poem.

    “The lilies of the field neither toil nor do they spin.”

    Beethoven is a bigger music star than Michael Jackson. His music still sells hundreds of years later. Let’s see how long MJ’s music lasts.

  9. Carlin — old curmugeon. The less said, the better. He just got more bitter and less funny with age.

    If you really must read more about Jackson, there an excellent article up here —

    I disagree with the article’s author, though. I think there’s enough evidence that at one time Jackson was a child molester. There’s just too much creepiness and too many things seen by too many people. Celebrity has the power to turn people blind to very obvious things.

    People are incredibly adept at self-deception when they don’t want to believe what’s happening right in front of them. The last election should have been evidence to that. People still don’t believe Obama’s a racist and radical in spite of scads of evidence. They still don’t believe he’s lying every day in spite of the video and audios that prove otherwise.

    That all said, the sad thing is that the Jackson death blinds everybody to more important things going on in the world — a) the spendulus bill, b) North Korea, c) Iran, and d) the inability of our current President to do anything helpful for the country. It’s all about his stupid ideology and ensuring the Far Left gets its grips into everything.

    The power of celebrity is a pretty dark thing, indeed.

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