My Michael Jackson Wish

Now that they got his memorial service over, I hope we can stop hearing about the junkie pedophile who looked like a ghoul. When your spokespeople are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, I think your credibility is questionable.

For them to call him the greatest entertainer who ever lived pretty lame considering his active career on his own was really only about 15 years. He stopped doing fresh material in the mid-90s. His “comeback tour” which he killed himself trying to get out of, was only a greatest hits live performance. And he said that would be the last tour.

Great performers have some kind of longevity. Elvis died young but he was working pretty much up till the end and produced hit records every time he turned out an album, which were many. Jackson barely produced work and it was to diminishing returns.

Despite what the droolers in the press had to say, his new show didn’t look all that exceptional from the leaked tape. But whatever. He has fanatical fans.

Meanwhile, the MSM ignores real news.

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  1. This happens every time a celebrity dies.

    Of course, it’s being blown out of proportion with Jackson because of his freakish lifestyle and eccentricities.

    I tend to agree that his music wasn’t all that great. It’s bubblegum pop to the Nth degree and basically geared to the early/preteen set which as we learned was what Jackson liked — in more ways than one!

    (FYI, I don’t hate all bubblegum pop. Some of it, like the best of the Monkees, is pretty darn good and has endured the test of time. However, what’s been produced since at least the 1980s isn’t that good and is pretty forgettable. If Jackson remains remembered for anything musical, I think it’ll be for the music videos made in the 1980s. His other stuff is going to fade. Unfortunately for his legacy, there really isn’t a regular venue for music videos on television that aren’t country music-based…)

    I don’t think longevity favors his music, though. It’s been years since Jackson was a major musical force and he hasn’t been “hip” for at least 20 years. Most kids today are only aware of Jackson through his legal troubles and the recollections of parents and older relatives. That’s not a good sign for his legacy.

    Time will tell if Neverland becomes a tourist freakshow or curiosity like Graceland has but for sure Jackson has left one hell of an even larger and tackier facility to maintain — that’s if anybody really wants to try and keep it in one piece. I’d bet 9:1 it’s in fairly sad shape after he abandoned it to foreclosure some years back. All that machinery takes regular maintenance to run consistently well and his animal park is long since closed down with the animals spread to other sanctuaries.

    The media cycle for the past week-and-a-half just demonstrates there are people with vested interests in promoting the “Jackson brand” while it’s viable and making as much money as possible. It’s only turned off those of us with enough brains to realize it’s all staged. As for the other people buying all the Jackson crap they can, it’s only a temporary blip and in well less than a year his irrelevance in most of our lives will return.

  2. I realize that people are responding to the nostalgia of MJ rather than the reality of what he became. I don’t mind people making a big deal over his career. What bothers me is the non-stop media circus which completely ignores all the other stuff going on in the world that’s more important. He may have been a big star in his day, but he doesn’t rate this amount of hoopla. I mean, Captain Eo was pretty stinking lame.

  3. Are you kidding me? 15 years as a solo artist? You know nothing about Michael Jackson! His career lasted much longer than 15 years. Get your facts straight before you go posting nonsense in a blog. It’s embarrassing. Michael had been making music since 1969 as a part of The Jackson 5. His last solo album of new music was released in 2001. Now how that equates to 15 years I have no idea. I suggest you take math lessons cause you can’t add.

  4. I was of course talking about his productive years as a solo artist. Aside from “This is It” he was all but retired. He did not produce a lot of work on his own.

    Supposedly, there is a lot of recorded material that’s unreleased, We’ll see how good it is, but his last efforts were weak.

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