National Debt

When you see this chart you can visualize just how insanely out of control our debt is. President Obama and the Democrats have tripled it in little over a year. Their proposed Obamacare billsewill bankrupt us. The CBO numbers they toss around are smoke and mirrrors.

It’s time for a real change come November. Throw the bums out.

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  1. Unfortunately that chart, while hinting at the various scales involved (see the comments there for the glaring errors) doesn’t bother to note that a nation with strong GDP growth can handle a increased debt load.

    Meanwhile, the chart misses the most significant aspect of the debt: THE FEDERAL DEFICIT HAS INCREASED BY A FACTOR OF TEN TIMES IN ONLY THREE YEARS.

    That’s an order of magnitude!

    Guess what changed.

    In 2007 – per the last budget attributable to the Republican Congress – the deficit was about $160B, and it had been reduced steadily for three years running. That trend would have led to a balanced budget and a surplus by late 2008, just in time for the election… if not for six years of lies spewed by The Left Wing Media on every topic from Katrina to unemployment to wiretaps to Valerie Plame to Iraq, which led to the Democrat Congressional majority in 2006.

    As of the last estimate for 2010, the Democrat Congress had exploded the deficit to $1,600B / $1.6T, while they made every effort to destroy GDP growth.

    The socialists in the Democrat Congress tripled the deficit their first year in – 2008. They did so again in 2009 and it has grown steadily since. The Left Wing Media continues to ignore this fact. When they touch on it, they do so in the context of the lie that it’s somehow all because of George W. Bush, as if Congress were NOT the branch of government constitutionally assigned authority over spending.

    An ignorant electorate is a suicidal electorate. And the socialists are laughing at ours.

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