Negative and Positive Liberty

The theories of the late Isaiah Berlin have had a profound influence on world leaders and have effected their decisions in the last 30 years. This has lead to many events that have shook the world: the economic collapse of Russia, the handling of post war Kosovo and Iraq. They are well worth reading about if you are unaware of them.

They may sound similar to my theories to BG vs LG states, but I’m dealing specifically with forms of government in my theories and they involve the social contract that is government. Berlin’s theories deal with liberty as a broader concept.

The documentary “The Trap” by Adam Curtis deals with this and other freedom theories. It’s well worth your time if you haven’t seen it.

A few people make the decisions that affect us all, and they tend to be bad or foolish ones most of the time. People die from these mistakes and don’t even know what events set these crises in motion. Our current economic problems can be traced to some extent on market theory. I’ll be getting into all this later on.

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