Never Trust Obama

I have never seen a more dishonest administration and that’s saying something. The Obama administration is claiming the angry voters showing up at town halls to protest Obama care are just shills hired by special interest groups. And he claims not to be for single payer and that Drudge’s link to a video saying he is for single payer was cut to look that way.

Well here it is, uncut. Obama is a liar. Point blank.

There have been several instances where Democrats have said they were for single payer but they had to push this health care bill to do it gradually. They are trying to kill health care choice in America. They want single payer. They are not shy about admitting it. This has been a progressive agenda for decades.

They wan’t people dependent on government health care because the more dependent the people are on government, they more they can push us around. The Democrats are the statism party. They know that the more people work for and depend on government, the more Democrats there will be. It’s a cynical and sickening power grab.

The results will be a system where you have insane waits for treatment, if they approve you, and fewer and fewer people will get the treatment they need. They will not “improve health care”.

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  1. The beauty of this country’s design is that it is a self-correcting system. Already we are beginning to see the fallout of this unprecedented power-grab from the far left. Obama’s poll numbers are dropping like a rock and Rasmussens poll numbers have Congressional Republicans favored by 5 points already for 2010. Now if the Republicans decide to start acting like conservatives is a different story…

  2. It’s amazing to see a lot of powerful Dems up for reelection looking very shaky. But I agree, Republicans have to either be a real opposition party, a real alternative or there’s no reason to support them.

  3. I have my doubts the system is working correctly any more. The rot started early with the change in the way Senators were supposed to be appointed.
    More recently we have “representatives” who no longer represent us (83% of the population opposed the amnesty, yet it was, at first, supported by a majority of politicians–both R and D). Not to mention one of the most alarming events of the past few months–the appointment of 33 “czars,” none of whom went through any kind of approval process and no of whom answer to anyone except the President, and who have enormous powers of regulation and control.
    Our republic is wobbling badly.

  4. Really telling is that video of Specter and Sebellius. The expression on Sebellius face when that woman asked them a searing question. These creeps don’t give a damn what the public thinks. They look down on us.

    Bring back the Bastille, I say.

  5. Right on!

    There are a few good guys out there – with strong libertarian idealogies – running for the Senate next year:

    Peter Schiff is thinking of challenging Chris Dodd in Connecticut
    (Moneybomb planned for this Friday, August 7th:

    and Rand Paul (Ron’s son) is running in Kentucky after Jim Bunning announced he wouldn’t be running:
    (Moneybomb planned for August 20th:

    Show your support for true liberty and donate!

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