New Projects!

I’m working on finishing The Secrets of Writing. I’m shooting for sometime in December. This book on writing has received rave reviews from people over the years as its been excerpted on this site. You can read parts of it now under the Writing section above. The book will contain new material and expanded chapters.

In addition to that Blue Cat 3 is scheduled to be released in the next issue of Aces Weekly. Val Mayerik returns as the artist. Cindy Sparks finds herself a new mentor who can teach her how to defend herself from the magical Sidhe that killed her friend, Faust last issue.

And I’ve started working on a new Thracius strip for Aces Weekly with French Artist Mark Vigouroux. Look for it in a future issue. Here’s a teaser image.


Sorry I haven’t been blogging much, as you can see I’ve been really busy. All this and a full time job besides.

And since we’re almost in the Holidays I just wanted to remind you Hell’s Reward makes a splendid gift.

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