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James Hudnall (this site) is being redone in a new format. Pardon our dust. I felt it was time for a reboot. I am also consolidating everything under one URL so and both will direct here now.

I’d been wanting to redo the site since the start of the year. But things got out of hand with my webhost charging me too much because a wordpress plugin as eating up bandwidth. I have a feeling things would not be resolved to my satisfaction as I have been through similar problems with hosts in the past. So I moved again and hopefully I can get my data back from the old host. In the mean time I will be building up a new site which will hopefully behave better than my old one. It was a little buggy and I didnt habe time to figure out what was wrong. Been a busy bee. That’s why I don’t post much lately, but I will try to amend that.


In the mean time check out the art for Blue Cat 2 coming in June from Aces Weekly!


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