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  1. Third time’s the charm for a revival, eh?

    Let’s see — they tried a revival in the mid-1990s with Yamato 2520 and that failed after 3 OVA episodes, then Matsumoto tried on his own with Dai-Yamato which didn’t catch fire even though it had superior production values, and now this last attempt by the original producer.

    I have to admit, though, it was nice to see the old ship break the ice. I guess Space Battleship Yamato was reconstructed after the last film, huh? 🙂

    I’ve seen the first two seasons of Yamato dubbed (aka Star Blazers) and I own the theatrical movies which were licensed for the US. (Still haven’t seen the movies, though.) I have been kind of meaning to buy the first two seasons although I’ve seen enough of season 3 to know that’s the year to skip!

    Yamato (the battleship) is basically Japan’s Enterprise (CV-6, not NCC-1701). By that I mean its greatest warship veteran and not necessarily an allusion to Star Trek.

  2. Now that took me back… I used to run home from grade school everyday to catch Star Blazers. Now I have to go on Netflix and rent the first two seasons.

    I would definitely check this movie out… though it’ll always be the Argo to me. (I know, I know, I’m a heretic.)

  3. Star Blazers was a decent translation compared to most of that time. They cut out a lot of violence and a large chunk of the episodes, But at least they kept the music more or less intact and so on.

  4. Argh, how did I miss this post for six days!? YAMATO is my favorite anime of all time! And the Star Blazers versions of YAMATO and YAMATO 2 are my favorite dubs – about as good as possible given the standards of the time.

    This film is trying really hard to be faithful to the original. If one overlooks the CGI and the date (2220), there isn’t a scene here that couldn’t have been in the 70s or 80s. Even the music is recycled.

    I have mixed feelings about this movie. Although I’m happy that it isn’t another LAND OF THE LOST-style remake, I’d be interested to see Yamato rebooted like STAR TREK. Does anyone else agree?

    It’s hard to keep making YAMATO sequels. For instance, the big menace this time is a 3 km wide alien base – far smaller than the Comet Empire which in turn was dwarfed by the planet-sized fortress in BE FOREVER YAMATO. It’s hard to get excited over a new enemy that’s smaller than the old ones. And yet the enemies can’t keep getting bigger. How could the Yamato possibly triumph against an enemy base the size of a sun?

    One thing missing from the trailer is the human element. YAMATO is more than just hardware. The original series began with Kodai Susumu distraught over the loss of his brother and blaming Captain Okita. We barely see an older Kodai here. What’s he like? Did he lose his wife Mori Yuki? Does he have children? Did he lose them too? And where’s the trademark Matsumoto cosmic superwoman with the long, light hair, the new Starsha / Teresa / Shalbart?

    The CGI is good but not mind-blowing. If I want to see this kind of action, I can pop in a DVD and see the original again. What does this new movie offer beyond a visual upgrade?

    This trailer is so long and yet it seems to show so little.

  5. I have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, having a resurrection of the Yamato saga has been a dream of mine ever since 1983; and having a smoothly-animated CGI version is just icing on the cake.

    However, I have always been disappointed with all of the Yamato films due to the brevity of their stories (particularly Final Yamato). It robs the viewer of the richness that is space opera when an enemy threat is both encountered and defeated within the scope of a 2-hour film. There is little room for story arc, character development, or sub-plot. These are the things which made the first two Yamato TV seasons so fantastic. All of the subsequent movies tried to ride on that success and, in my opinion, were rather hollow and lacking. Think of what could have been had they chosen to take the concept of the Dark Nebula Empire and turn it into a full-length TV season. There was plenty of potential for character development there, but it was squandered when the project was crammed into the film, Be Forever Yamato. It’s fine to have a 2-hour movie, but it needs to be part of a saga. If it turns out that this new film is just a prelude to a new series, then I will probably receive it well.

    Given the demise of all previous attempts to restart this franchise, I guess I should just be happy if the film makes it to the theatres. I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that, this time, they make it. I am also hoping it has a role for a certain blue-skinned alien leader.

  6. I agree that the movies can’t really do what a series could. However, the ponderous Final Yamato appealed to me at the time. It had a lot of scenes I liked and it was my first exposure to the series. Of course, it wasn’t by any means the Final Yamato

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