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  1. I think Tesla was brighter than even Einstein. He’s my pick for greatest technologist/physicist/engineer of the past 150 years. Tesla definitely was the greatest inventor of the late 19th century and early 20th century. This is the guy who developed alternating current power plant. He dreamed up ideas that are still being researched. He, unfortunately like many inventors before, also developed ideas and followed through with prototypes of weapons. Some of his ideas for weapons are apparently still being worked on by the US military.

    Like other geniuses, his intellect came at a cost in other areas. Einstein was known for unkempt hair and frequently walking around his neighborhood in New Jersey barefoot. Einstein was also somewhat cold in his relations with his family.

    Tesla had to do things in threes. He was manic about that. He was also a hypochondriac and frequently wore white gloves to handle many things. He loved animals (metaphorically). He had a pigeon he introduced other people to as his “wife.” Tesla also didn’t seek to improve his wealth and literally gave away millions in patent royalties. He died penniless and alone in his apartment.

    One very different thing about Tesla from Thomas Edison was that he wasn’t greedy. As crazy (by today’s standards) as he was in regards to his patent royalties, he honestly did believe technology belonged to the whole of humanity and not one single corporation or person.

  2. Tesla was the first to work out a practical AC current power system and can be considered the father of our modern power grid. He also pioneered high voltage engineering and radio power transmission. Unfortunately, he sold his patents to Westinghouse for what he thought was a lot of money, but was only a tiny percentage of what he should have gotten. He subsequently ran out of money and became more of a huckster and self promoter than a scientist – tarnishing what was a great legacy.

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