No Hitler for You!

Youtube has removed all the Downfall parodies where a scene with Hitler and his generals from the movie has been subtitled with joke dialog. They claim there was a DMCA complaint. So the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is up in arms over it.

Too bad. Any were funny, even though the scene has been used a zillion times. I even linked to a few here.

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  1. I hate DMCA.

    I can understand wanting YouTube to remove ENTIRE films from the site(!) but parody clips are another thing.

    I don’t care for the over-reaching power that’s being given to multimedia companies.

    It’s not even ridiculous… it’s scary!

  2. They have a new law they are signing that allows any border agent to seize your electronic devices if they don;t like what’s on them, which means they will have the right to search those devices on a whim. Welcome to the police state.

  3. They’ve been occasionally seizing laptops and such at Customs coming down from Canada for at least a year, most commonly in the East and in Vancouver (“Canada?” Yeah, that’s what I said). Some people had waited 9 months and hadn’t gotten them back yet. I heard some people were copying their hard drives and FedExing them home before making the crossing. I would, too, if I was seriously worried about it. The seizure of my hard drive for an indeterminate period, with all my business files, accounting, email, etc, could almost put me out of business.
    Maybe I better start.

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