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  1. After a couple of kids got killed by the perps in a high-speed chase in Oakland about 10 years back, there was the usual Great Outcry and in the end they banned all high-speed police chases. It took the criminals less than eight hours to realize they had just been handed a “get out of arrest free” card and the robberies began. Within two weeks Oakland had experienced the amount of robberies they normally see in over six months. The criminals would simply rob a bank or knock over a liquor store and take off as fast as they could, knowing the cops were not allowed to chase them. This also applied to DUI drivers!
    Oakland STILL didn’t toss the law until a car full of fleeing bank robbers plowed into a car with a mom and two kids while blowing a stoplight.
    Just another amazing example of the complete and utter inability of liberals to think a problem through to the logical outcome.

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