No Shame for Crackpots

Just when the whole global warming hoax was revealed to be built on lies and distortions, we get another crazed prediction from another warmist. They have no shame.

In a provocative new study, a University of Utah scientist argues that rising carbon dioxide emissions – the major cause of global warming – cannot be stabilized unless the world’s economy collapses or society builds the equivalent of one new nuclear power plant each day.

“It looks unlikely that there will be any substantial near-term departure from recently observed acceleration in carbon dioxide emission rates,” says the new paper by Tim Garrett, an associate professor of atmospheric sciences.

How convenient, because the collapse of the global economy is what some leftists and Islamo-facists seek. Fancy that. Except, they are dreaming. Not going to happen. Oh, a eco-disasters may very well be in our future, but not the kind they want to see.

The MSM has been all but ignoring Climategate, but like the Edwards affair, they won’t be able to avoid it. As much as they want to. People are sick of being told these lies and many want to see some of these frauds pilloried.

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