No Trump Either

I am glad Trump is bowing out as a presidential candidate. He would probably only hurt the election by drawing people away from other “more real candidates”.* He has said some worthwhile things but he has also said some really foolish things. He did show he could taken on the president in a war of words. But after the way he was attacked at the press club gathering a few weeks ago, he seemed really quiet. Maybe he couldn’t take the heat.

More likely he saw that they would go to great lengths, both the media and the Democrats, to try to destroy his name and he wisely chose not to let that happen.

Politics is a nasty, ugly business. We get crappy choices because of the sick carnival it has turned into. I suspect Romney will do very well now as he is a strong contender. But I find him too slick. What happens in the rest of this year should be interesting, but it won’t be till next year til we know who the candidate will be. All talk right now is pure speculation.

* I don’t think most candidates are very real in the long run since they become so compromised by special interests supporters. That’s politics.

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    • I agree and most likely it will be Romney. Gingrich has waaaay too much baggage to win. But he would be good in a debate.

  1. Politics has always been filthy… 

    Has it been so pro-Dem before?  Probably not… witness the destruction of Gary Hart with his stupid very public adultering antics, Michael Dukakis’ dopey tank ride, and Walter Mondale’s screeching “We MUST raise taxes!” but man did they jump on board this Creep-in-Chief’s bus of Kool-Aid.  And he did absolutely nothing before this except commooonity organizing!  (Rumors of other ‘activities’ persisting in Chicago even among Democrats…)

    Look at the presidency of Eisenhower, probably one of the last, if NOT THE LAST, truly honest guys we had in office.  (Reports of affairs in WWII aside…)  A lot of what he warned about came true  especially with regards to contractors and lack of common sense oversight — which was about more than just military contractors.  He was called everything from a doddering old fool to an accident-waiting-for-Nixon-to-succeed by the press as well as Democratic opponents who knew he would get a second term short of being totally incompetent as a leader and dropping dead (which he almost did second term).  Nasty stuff.

    Don’t want another RINO, either, but it’s almost guaranteed because conservatives are hated by the press and political vetting process and libertarians are mocked because of their drug stance and hated even more because of their greater focus on limited government.

    Unless you have a Ronald Reagan-type waiting around — which is unlikely because I think his generation produced those guys and they’re literally dying out –, we’re stuck with the guys that are out there.  Nobody’s as affable with the general public or has a thick enough skin and the personality to deal with the @%$R@#$R#@$!@##! press.

    Realistically, we may get someone with enough common sense to mitigate the damage being done now.  It won’t be someone everyone will like because it’s impossible to placate the idiots that still think Obama’s agenda is great…  Not so sure people like Obama much.  The guy’s narcissism, lack of common sense on foreign affairs, and deep skin issues are becoming obvious to all but the oblivious.

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