Not Enough Czars for You?

One of the creepy things proposed in the new Health Care bill is a Behavior Czar. Yes, they want a Behavior Czar to monitor our energy use  and correct it, because they don’t want us using so much energy. Time to get people back into the caves, it seems.

What does this has to do with Health Care reform? Nada. It has everything to do with the ridiculous ideology of this administration which is obsessed with the dying argument of AGW.

We already have something like 35 Czars. More than any administration in history. The point of all these czars is they are created from the Executive branch and therefore aren’t answerable to Congress. They are like a parallel government. To many people it looks like a power grab. Obama has czars for almost everything. And keeps adding more all the time. At least the Behavior czar seems to be under a department. Not that it isn’t monumentally Orwellian.

If the “Behavior Czar” doesn’t creep you out, there’s another provision in the health bill where they can come to your house and tell you how to raise your kids. Yeah.

It’s a good thing Obama’s poll numbers are dropping so fast. The Democrats are also on the ropes. Hopefully the voters will pummel them during the summer break and they will back out of this nightmare bill.

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