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    • In all honesty,

      It would be better if the articles spurred these dopes to think for themselves instead of falling for the Left-Wing propaganda and outright lies taught as truth in many schools today.

      I just don’t see that happening. I’ve seen people who went through city schools that are barely literate and logical thinking and sifting through the garbage in the media isn’t the biggest thing on their minds.. It’s usually scoring quick cash for the least amount of effort and getting high on the weekend.

      There’s just no push for self-improvement when these followers of Mao get things handed to them without personal consequences and believe the line that they’ll get free lunches. They’ve sold their freedom for lousy government cheese.

      They just don’t care the money government spends ISN’T the government’s — it’s tax money from taxpayers.

  1. “If an individual wants to discriminate against Negroes or others in selling or renting his house, it is his right to do so”. Ronald Reagan

    You’re right the POTUS is not The Gipper. The Gipper had Crack spread in the slums of America. The Gipper use that money to give weapons to Iran and the Contras. The Gipper started his campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi to talk about States Rights the thing that got three Civil Rights workers KILLED !

    My salute to Raygun goes as follows: Mother had him and Mother Fcuk him.

    • One of the mistakes lefties make about conservatives is to impune racial motives when someone is standing up for individual or states rights. Reagan also gave amnesty to illegal immigrants. Hardly racist.

      Iran/Contra was a policy thing trying to fight communism. I don’t agree with a lot of Reagan’s policy decisions, but he wasn’t a racist. And crack spread in the 80s because it was cheap. Drug wars don’t work. They only spread crime and make it more powerful.

    • What an idiot you are….

      Read the real history books and NOT the newspapers passed out on the street by crack addicts.

      (B.S. on the crack theories… The reason why inner cities have decayed is over-reliance on government that give the men in families no reason to be responsible and the glorification of rap culture and sports to the detriment of education and self-reliance. The heroes of the inner are all too often gangster thugs and the latest idiot crowned by the entertainment media.

      (Look up the definitions of responsibility and detriment. If you’re not as lame you sound, you should be able to do at least that much!)

      Sounds like you were educated in an NYC public school! I’ve seen field trips of those kids… whining, bawling, and out of control brats that nobody is allowed to discipline.

      I don’t know if telling you to grow up would work… You generally have to have some common sense to live that long. I’ve known my fair share of people who lived believing what you did that sure didn’t make it to 30.

  2. I see that this time you didn’t make the First Lady look like Mammy. Too bad that would have been evidence in a court of law that Breitbart and his site is racist. Don’t worry, Shirley Sharrod and her lawyers will get him.

    • She was never portrayed as you say, we wouldn’t do that. Check out the Obama Nation link to the side and you can look at all the old strips. We have always shown her the same. Here’s and old one where she’s in a bikini. http://thehud.com/2010/07/playa-hater/

      Obama’s ears grew larger with each lie he told.

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