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  1. Ofcourse it had to be lead by some lesbo femmenist “priest”. That alone delegitimizes this so-called prayer. I wouldn’t mind it so much if these people weren’t pretending to be Christians.

  2. Obama scares the hell outta me. With these religious psycho’s treating him as a god or prophet, there is no telling what he will be capable of. This is amazing…

  3. Trust me bull1063, these people are in no way religeous. In fact, calling them so is an insult to me as a Christian and to anyone else who is part of a legitimate community of faith. There is a difference between a cult and a religion.

  4. Yes, I agree and do understand the difference. My point is whether it be religion or cult, they are citizens of this country with a vote. Having this man as President for a 2nd term, let alone the remaining 3+ years, is what scares me. It is these type groups that will make that happen. That is all I am saying here…

  5. Guys,

    Prior to being elected President,

    Obama belonged to a cult!

    What do you think that “church” he belonged to was? It’s certainly no Christian church as I know it!

    It was practically an extension of the Nation of Islam!

    If more people had paid attention to what was going on in that church and understood who Obama’s pastor was….

    Ah, forget it! The dillrods still wouldn’t believe us even when we showed them the videos!

  6. The wife of a friend of mine is a one-issue voter: abortion. So during the last election she made it clear she was voting for Obama. I sent her the links to the portions on both McCain’s and Obama’s sites where they talked about their position on abortion. The difference was insignificant, and both gave religious reasons. Her response?
    “Yeah, well everyone knows Obama doesn’t REALLY believe in that stuff!”
    Little did she – and many other of his voters – know he didn’t “really believe” in a lot of other stuff as well.

  7. 2010 will be the most important election period ever in our history, I believe. This is where we end Obama’s reign of power…not 2012. If we remain complacent, 2012 will most likely yield the same results and another 4 years of political hell.

  8. Heh, “2012”. Does anyone else think this is like something out of LEFT BEHIND? You got a seemingly charismatic leader who has people all over the world wanting to give themself up to him.

  9. Interestingly enough, there are calls on the left and the right for Obama to resign. The left think he’s a nothing but a personality with no spine *true) and the right think he;s a dangerous ideologue (also true).

    I think those calls are going to get louder. People are very disturbed by what they are seeing.

    All I know is he is way worse than I expected, and I expected something really bad. The second coming of Carter, but he makes Carter look good.

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