Obama Insult of the Day

Obama sure is a class act. Remember when he gave those crappy gifts to the queen and Prime Minister Brown? Guess what he donated to the exclusive private school his daughters go to?

Each year, Sidwell Friends, the tony school where the Obamas have enrolled their daughters, holds a fundraising auction.

The auctions raise big money as parents try to outdo each other both in bidding and prizes donated. This year, eyebrows have been raised — as evidenced by the news report headlined “Obamas prove stingy with school auction.”

When the children of presidents attend Sidwell Friends, expectations for the auction run high. When Chelsea Clinton was a student, her father agreed to play a round of golf with the highest bidder, while Chelsea herself offered babysitting services. Chelsea continues to raise money for the auction by donating lunches and dinners for high bidders. What have the Obamas donated? Why, signed pictures of themselves, of course! The winning bidders will receive a copy of Rolling Stone signed by President Obama and an autographed copy of Michelle Obama’s Vogue cover.

The “donation gap” has not gone unnoticed. “There were expectations that they might donate something more personal, like the Clintons did … Lots of people were disappointed,” said an auction source.

What cheap egotist.

Tomorrow he has yet another press conference during prime time, which he seems to do a lot. It costs the networks millions in ad revenue when he does it. Fox finally said no mas. My guess is, they will have better ratings tomorrow.

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  1. I’ve said a million times that one of my big peeves with Clinton was his tackiness… From playing the sax on Arsenio to sexual comments on Astro Turf, answering stupid questions about boxers and briefs to the MTV audience, and allegations about the poor decorating choices of the Clintons, I never got the sense that a lot of things he did personally were pure cluelessness or mean-spirited or even CHEAP on purpose…

    I guess I have to apologize to Bill Clinton.

    Barack Obama IS cheap AND purely clueless. Clinton has more class in his pinky than Barack’s ever had in his whole swelled head, period.

    Note that I didn’t bring Bush into this. With The Left’s pre-occupation with all things Bush just to prop up Laughing Boy Barack, I’d rather invoke Clinton at this point. Mediocre President that he was, Mr. Bill was still a lot better than Barack…

    Bush or Clinton would be far better to go to a bar and chat with than Barack any day of the week. Frankly, I’m still not convinced Barack would be comfortable being seen with anybody in private who wasn’t a member of his Chicago church…

  2. BHO and MO are not exhibiting leadership of any kind. They still see themselves as celebrities, not leaders, and continue to serve their own narcissism, not the interests of America.

    And just as folks at HillBuzz recently recognized Cheney’s (vast) superiority over our current VPOTUS, I’m forced to agree with GeorgeC on Clinton.

    Everything is, indeed, relative.

  3. I think you’re right, Goy. He’s a superficial person and was in it for the ego, and he doesn’t even have the depth to realize how important his work is or how badly his decisions will screw up everyone’s lives. That photo op the other day was classic Obama. They may be trying to pass the buck, but there’s no way that would have happened under Bush.

  4. Back when we were all shouting from the rooftops that this guy had ZERO executive experience, voters didn’t listen. This is exactly the sort of thing one expects from an individual who is simply not up to the task because he has absolutely no idea what he’s doing: one screw-up after another. He’s obviously aware of them and couldn’t care less – just more proof positive that he’s pursuing the anarcho-marxist ideology which he, his mentors and his allies have always espoused. It doesn’t matter that he keeps screwing up because his goal is to break everything anyway, ostensibly, to rebuild a functional socialist State.

    And you’re right – no way AF-One buzzes Manhattan if Bush were POTUS. And if it HAD, it would be all we’d have heard about from the whining whores in the media for weeks: how “Bush is so callous and thoughtless and disrespectful and blah, blah, blah… and even if he didn’t authorize it, it was his administration that did it, etc., so he was either evil or incompetent”. The double standard has gone beyond thoroughly sickening.

  5. I don’t know what’s wrong with you guys. Every MSM article I’ve read for days has been talking about what a cool guy he is. Heck, even Christopher Buckley agrees!

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