Obama on the Ropes

When he comes back from vacation Barack Obama will find his favorably ratings in the high mid 40s, cap and trade and Obamacare doomed to fail and an increasingly angry voter base hostile to just about anything he wants to do.

His future plans are not looking good. Which is probably a positive thing since just about every decision Obama has made has been bad.

The 2010 election season is right around the corner. Dems are looking very weak in the polls. They are getting hammered in their town halls, if they even show up. The MSM is doing their best to put a brave face on it, but the tide has turned against him. And investigating the CIA isn’t hgoing to help matters much.

If Dems get swept out of office next year, Obama will lack the political capital to do anything, and he will become effectively a lame duck one termer.

Obviously, they don’t want that to happen, so they will try something to change his poll numbers, If he’s in the 40s and lower, Dems will start abandoning ship. And the press might even turn on him. After all, the administration has treated the press terribly. Robert Gibbs is almost like a fat bully in junior high the way he pushes some of them around. Resentment has to be building. There were a lot of stories of bad treatment and dishonesty on the campaign trail, that were kept quiet, but don’t be surprised if people start writing tell alls. Even members of his staff, who will start quitting soon. I suspect Leon Pannetta will be the first to go.

I predicted last year that Obama will end up being hated more than Bush. I stand by that one. As unemployment keeps rising and the economy keeps sinking, he will be one sad character. Mr. Cool is no more. Like Jimmy Carter, the smiles will be gone and the gloomy mug a common sight while he’s still in that job.

And no, race has nothing to do with it. Obama was never qualified to be president. He’s proving it every day. He wasn’t even a competent senator, which is one of the easiest jobs in the world.

They will try to wag the dog or something to distract people from his problems, but the public doesn’t trust him anymore. It’ll backfire. Watch.

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