Obama Outrage DuJour

Every day Obama does something bad for this country. I don’t list them every day because I don’t want this site to be like one of those crazy Bush hater sites. But many of Obama’s actions should not be ignored that are blatantly wrong. Example:

President Barack Obama wants to end $26 billion in oil and gas industry tax breaks, calling them “unjustifiable loopholes” in the tax system that other companies do not get.

Obama’s proposed fiscal 2010 budget, details of which were released Thursday, also more clearly spells out his intention to shut down a proposed nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain in Nevada and calls for ending a government subsidy that helps utilities license and plan for new nuclear power plants.

Obama also wants to end a research program for using nuclear power plants to develop hydrogen fuel for transportation and cancel further subsidies to the nuclear industry to help license and plan for new nuclear power reactors. The budget eliminates $168 million that had been earmarked for the reactor program next fiscal year.

So not only is the “green” president killing nuclear power industry, which is the greenest and most effective one we have, he is trying to kill hydrogen power too.

And that’s not all. He’s cutting in half the fund that pays benefits to the families of slain police officers.

And get this!

President Obama would eliminate new funding for advanced-generation equipment to detect nuclear weapons and radiological materials at U.S. borders and ports and around New York City in his 2010 budget, homeland security officials said.

So not only is he cutting off green energy sources, he’s putting out the welcome mat to terrorists and flipping off the wives and children of slain officers. What a guy.

It seems like every day brings this kind of stuff. By raising taxes on energy you can bet gas and energy costs are going to shot way up again. Let’s see how his alleged recovery handles that.

As for his “signs of recovery”, ha!

Speaking of Dems, they have a lot to answer for if they keep up with this water boarding nonsense.

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  1. I don’t get this…

    Who’s getting rewarded for this moron’s actions?

    It’s going to cost most us a heck of a lot more to live in the US! What he’s doing is as bad as those stupid deals Gray Davis made with the energy utilities almost ten years ago. Californians know how NOT letting the marketplace deal with energy prices cost them!

    As for Yucca Mountain — WHERE are we supposed to put nuclear waste and inactivated reactors when we decommission more nuke ships and nuclear weapon systems? The USS Enterprise (CNV-65) is coming up for retirement in a few years and that ship has EIGHT reactors that need to be inactivated and stored SOMEWHERE!

    Is Barry going to let the Navy keep the reactors in the ship’s hull, or does he expect the Navy to sink it to the bottom of the ocean with the reactors and toxins intact???

    BO’s idiocy and smugness get on my nerves every press conference this jerk holds. He’s long since worn out his welcome IMHO. Terminal over-exposure, indeed!

  2. He’s a worse media whore than Clinton was, and Clinton was terrible.

    Obama keeps having these prime time press conferences which costs the networks millions of dollars. But they keep airing them because they are such suck ups (Fox said no the last time and got better ratiings).

  3. Biden is more like the short bus guy who wanders around at school. Annoying and embarrassing, but basically harmless.
    If Obama when down flying Air Force One past the Pentagon for a laugh, Nancy Pelosi would have Biden declared incompetent and locked up so fast the ink wouldn’t be dry before she’d be running around the White House shrieking “I’M IN CHARGE HERE!!”

  4. Frankly, I really liked that supposedly “un-PC” joke about her:

    “From my own experience visiting the troops in the Middle East, I can tell you this, though: despite how the conflict has been portrayed by our glorious media, if you gave any U.S. soldier a gun with two bullets in it, and he found himself in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Osama bin Laden, there’s a good chance that Nancy Pelosi would get shot twice, and Harry Reid and bin Laden would be strangled to death.”
    –CBS Sports commentator David Feherty

  5. If nuclear energy is good enough for Iran (whom Obama recently declared had “a legitimate right” to pursue its nuclear program), why isn’t it good enough for the US?

  6. Dear Superman: If you’re listening, could you please fly ’round and ’round the globe really fast the OTHER way and make us go-ahead-in-time so this Obamarama-nightmare would be over sooner and we can start to fix all the things these idiot politicians (redundant, I know) are breaking? Thanks.

  7. This is a bit off-topic (not too far, though), but I am puzzled by two issues created by President Obama that affect me directly, and must also be affected others. The first: The sudden rise in credit card interest. Due to a loophole in recent legislation, banks are raising interest rates on credit cards to unprecidented heights–28% is the worst I’ve seen so far. Until a few recent emergencies caused us to carry a balance on our credit card, we had always paid our card off each month, and our Credit Score is stellar. The card was a “guaranteed” 7.9% interest rate. Although we have always paid on time, we just received notice that it will be going to nearly 28% – we can opt-out and freeze the interest rate, but no longer have the card. Cancel the card is we plan to do as soon as we have cashed in our “rewards” flight miles, but not everyone can do the same . . .those who are recovering from financial woes have difficulty obtaining credit. The interest rates alone could put a whole new sector of society in the “poor house”. How the law makers missed a “loophole” like this is completely beyond me.

    My second puzzlement: A few years ago our home was ruined by a flood (broken pipe). We decided to repair and remodel, refinancing at 6.9% to do so. Our little house is on a nice hillside in Southern California, and updating our home seemed like a good investment at the time. Current value of our property is now 1/2 what it was BEFORE the remodel, thanks to the housing slump. I know many people have taken advantage of the Mortgage Loan Modification, and that has helped them keep their residences; but we would be happy to just lower our interest rate. This is not possible, though: The home would have to appraise for $150,000 more than the market value in order to refinance. –So, can we consider having our mortgage reduced, thereby making us eligible to refinance? –No, because we ALWAYS PAY ON TIME, AND PRESENT NO THREAT TO THE BANK. If we miss some payments, THEN we can apply for a mortgage adjustment: Of course, our credit will be annihilated. My husband wouldn’t miss a mortgage payment even if it meant he had to sell all his blood: He has been retired for a few years, but is now working 2 part-time and 1 full-time (Yes, FULL-TIME) jobs to keep everything afloat.

    My grandfather used to say “The willing horse pulls the cart” –meaning that, even in a team of horses, there is always one who does the most work. My husband, and others like him, should not be penalized for a work ethic that has him pulling the weight of this economy.

  8. You aren’t alone, a lot of people with good credit are being punished by these usurious lenders. They are trying to recoup losses from defaulting people by going after their reliable customers. Which is kind of like the government going after the middle class to pay for their excessive largess.

    Obama is a person with no record of accomplishing anything other than getting elected to plum jobs. But he has never done anything in them of note. He has no experience running a business. No experience in the private sector. But he’s dictating to businesses how to do their job.

    He’s the biggest disaster to hit the US since WWII.

  9. The governments’ misplaced “generosity” is wearing thin on the middle income sector. It is not that I would expect preferential treatment, but equality would be nice. Again, it was our decision to refinance our home at 6.9%; we all know that interest rates flutuate. But in previous periods of our economy, we have had the option of refinancing when the interest rates fell sufficiently to compensate for closing costs, etc. Now we cannot even approach the same bank who has our loan and get a lower interest rate. We are ENCOURAGED TO DEFAULT ON OUR MORTGAGES! This is insane. We are “middle-income” because we have worked very hard for a very long time; we started at the bottom rung of the economy and slowly clawed our way up . . . honestly. By “tightening our belts” we have been able to support, or assist in supporting, three families simultaneously–keeping two of them from falling into bankruptcy–allowing them time to get back on their feet. It was OUR choice to share with others. It is our choice right now to help our neighbors and friends who are struggling to survive while waiting for their first unemployment check.

    President Obama speaks of a “redistribution of wealth.” On paper we look to be quite “comfortable”, but this is, again, due to my hard-working husband who has concern for others and gives whatever he can –away. His generosity does not show up on our 1040s, and with a higher tax looming in the future, we will do well just to keep our own household floating. Crazy. Is there anyone in Congress who has lived in the “real world”? If so, why do they go along with all of this?

  10. The Alinsky Plan Obama and his handlers are following does not want “working poor”. They want “government dependent poor.” The things you have described above are all part of the plan to take honest people who just want to make a living, and through a combination of temptation and coercion get them to throw up their hands and accept that it’s better to be a parasite. That the middle class are going to be gutted like trout is a given, but it’s been missed that Obama socialists are also making every effort to push those on the edge into complete government dependency. Then they own you and your vote pretty much forever, plus they can demand more and more taxes to pay for “helping the poor” that they themselves created. This is pretty much, in a nutshell, why they are so foamingly desperate to get socialized health care passed. It is the ultimate road to serfdom.
    The government does not want your family helping other families. That, in their eyes, is their job, for which they deserve the credit (and the resultant votes). By forcing you to launder your generosity through them, with a healthy chunk skimmed off the top, they get a fat share and all the credit, and simultaneously maintain control over you.
    And yes, it makes blood shoot out my eyes to get a letter from Wells Fargo telling me all the great new government programs, rebates, kickbacks, and low mortgage rates available to those who took out liar’s loans and other junk mortgages and bought $800,000 house on $1300/mo take home pay. And for me, who bought what I could afford, paid 20% down and have never missed a payment? Sorry, for you we got bupkis–but the state is trying to repeal Prop 13, which would triple your property tax. Just so you know people are thinking of you, ‘kay?
    The Obama government is openly trying to swell the welfare rolls by making people who aren’t in on the government giveaways feel like suckers. It will work for some. Others it angers, and thus the tea parties and other expressions of discontent. But with our socialist government subverting the political process and the GOP devolved into a bunch of hapless, clueless squishes, we are riding a thin edge. It’s all very…unnerving.
    The rise of your credit card interest is a result of the banking crisis and the failure of TARP and the other bailouts to significantly improve the situation. It has resulted in a credit crunch, not just for you as a credit card holder, but businesses as well. I know two business, both of whom have run successfully and profitably for decades, suddenly having to scramble for credit. The Obama tax and regulate machine is out of control and everyone is afraid to take any chances, so they’re tightening their belts and sitting on the sidelines to see how this all plays out. Which I why I think the stock market is moving farther and farther out on thin ice. It will eventually crack through and fall again, and this time we could see 6000 or lower. And it’ll be there a long time. The current wobbly rise to 8300 from the 7100 low is the sucker’s rally of the century (look at the chart of the ups and downs after the ’29 crash and you’ll see the same false recovery created by the government cash pump, followed by an extended fall). The Fed has dumped $1.5 trillion into the money supply, and the inflation from that is just around the corner. And how’s this for a neat trick: the Fed has been creating bonds, selling them to themselves, and adding that to the “assets” column. That sort of thing got Madoff 150 years in jail. Ron Paul can be a crank but his bill to audit the Fed is a very, very good idea.
    Jeez, I feel like I’m taking over Jim’s blog. I’ll shut up now.

  11. Yes, they follow the old 60s plot of trying to get as many people on the welfare rolls as possible to create a dependent voting class. It’s why they fight welfare reform tooth and nail and are trying to go back to that system. Welfare was a trap that was designed to prevent you from escaping.

    This administration is not only incompetent, they are evil

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