Obama: Transparency, LOL!

Not only have they blocked the press from getting full access to the oil spill zones, they are detaining photographers and banning photos.

How very progressive! They don’t like news they can’t control. However some enterprising photographers have managed to catch some pictures of Obama dealing with the crisis. Nothing to worry about, people.

Meanwhile, the president is due to become the Democrat’s Hoover. He has actually lost more jobs than Hoover did. He’s lost more than any president in history. Not really surprising when his policies are so anti-business and the Democrats have been demonizing Wall Street as if every publically traded company is evil.

Let’s not forget, in case someone shouts it’s Bush’s fault, that Congress controls spending and Congress went into Democrats hands right around the time the spending went up and the economy started tanking. Not to blame the Dems entirely. This mess is the fault of both parties. But the Dems have been far more reckless and Obama has egged them on to great extremes.

Meanwhile, all his promises of openness and transparency were worth less. Another in a big stack of lies that keeps on growing.

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  1. A lot of people still don't want to believe this is happening now…

    If you say anything about what control freaks are in this administration, you get called a Tea Party Pooper or any number of things.

    People just don't want to see the reality of Obama and how the MSM is totally in bed with him…

    2012 can't happen faster.

    Let's hope the midterms (2010 elections) are indications of better things to come!

    There's been nothing but bad news coming out of this White House since the first month after the “Anointed One” took office!

    He can't even get the basics right. To be President, you have to be a cheerleader for the country, not a craven apologist.

    It's amazing how low the expectations for his behavior are too.

    We've already seen how Bush was torn apart whenever he went golfing but Barry gets away with all the partying and golf outings!!!!

  2. The recent gum-flapping coming from the White House over jobs is classic BO Admin. They really do not understand that the ONLY way to create jobs is to let private enterprise and the free market do it. The government can only “buy” jobs, and each once “costs” the private sector more than one job to create.
    How anyone can take Keynesian economics seriously is beyond my comprehension.

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