Our bow happy president (seen here bowing to the Mayor of Tampa on the 28th) is leading us to certain economic ruin. His speeches to the contrary belie a simple fact, he is spending us into oblivion and his polices will make things even worse. Just as FDR made the Great Depression last six years longer, Obama is repeating many of the same mistakes. He is also following a track to failure that Japan took in the 90s.

This article from the business insider does a great job explaining how Obama’s policies are setting a road to ruin for us. Which is why it’s imperative that he lose more power this year through the election of more opposition candidates to the congress and senate. The harder it is for him to get bills passed, the less damage he can do. But rest assured, he will do whatever he can to circumvent congress. he already has with his czars.

And for those who still think he’s a moderate, it’s time to wake up.

UPDATE: Seriously, he is the biggest liar ever to be elected to that job.

UPDATE: And it it can be revealed why Obama bowed to the Tampa mayor. She declared November 15th CAIR day. CAIR is a front group for Islamic-Extremeists masquerading as a civil rights group for Muslims. PC will get you every time. But then, Barry is fond of Islamists.

[via Breitbart tv]
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  1. The ObamaCorps thing is insane. If it spreads we are going to see mass removals of kids from schools. Most parents will not accept this level of indoctrination.

  2. Goy, those comments you left are fantastic! I’m definitely sending a number of people I know those links.
    Good job! (I just bookmarked your blog, too.)

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