Obama's Economic Strategy

Well, Obama sure is living up to the hype. eh? He said we had to rush, rush, rush that stimulus bill through so all these “shovel ready jobs” could get funded. Except few of them did.

He said if we didn’t fund the stimulus we’d be at 9% unemployment. Oops. It’s over 10% and we had the stimulus. And you wonder why I mock the guy.

Seriously, I couldn’t vote for anyone with no accomplishments to their name who barely showed up for their senate job and was late when he did. The guy is a slacker with a capital S. Check out these other charts over at GOP.gov. Yeah, I know, it’s the Republicans’ website. The data in these charts is accurate however, and very fine looking if you want something snappy for your blog.

The Dems are a disaster. Obama is WPE Obama.

Oh, by the way. Real unemployment is more like 17.5% right now.

UPDATE: A little bitch slap to queen bitch Pelosi. That Health care thing she concocted is one of the worst bills ever written, Period.

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