Obama's Genocide Plan

That may sound harsh, but Obama wants to kill off old people as part of his health care plan. That’s the long and the short of it. And this is from the LA Times!

Here’s a way for America to cut its spiraling healthcare costs: ice floes.

This idea isn’t mine. It’s President Obama’s. Or rather, it’s where we’re likely to end up if the president prevails on Congress to pass the adventurous healthcare reform proposal currently being discussed, which the Congressional Budget Office estimates will cost about $1 trillion over the next 10 years. That’s on top of Medicare’s annual $327-billion budget, whose massive deficits, if they continue at the same rate, are predicted to bankrupt the Medicare system by the end of the next decade.

In looking for a way to fund healthcare, Obama has set his eye on the oldest and sickest. You see, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, about 30% of Medicare spending — nearly $100 billion annually — goes to care for patients during their last year of life. What if there were no “last year of life,” the president seems to be asking. The Eskimos used to set their elderly and sickly adrift on the ice or otherwise abandon them during times of scarcity, and that, metaphorically speaking, is what Obama would like us all to start doing.

People, we need to see this guy leave office ASAP. I see several areas where he could be impeached. It’s time to start the conversation. He does not have our best interests at heart. This may be the most corrupt administration in history with all the collusion with ACORN and the SEIU going on.

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  1. It was inevitable. As you know, the UK already does this, and in some cases, Japan does as well. The Japanese technique is to limit the approved treatments, but at least you have the option of paying for extra. In the UK any attempt to go beyond the system results in you being thrown out of it completely. And of course the Brits are currently talking seriously about denying care to anyone with currently “evil” lifestyles such as smoking or obesity. Anyone think it will stop there?
    Canada hasn’t gone as far, but begins to limit treatments for people once they reach a certain age. For example, a normal hip replacement is the femoral head and the socket (acetablum). After 90, they will only replace the femoral head. The result, as I saw with my grandfather, is a reduction in pain but little improvement in ability to walk. Actually, Canada’s rationing has become severe enough that health insurance companies like Blue Shield advertise heavily there and employers offer “gap” insurance. Clinics have popped up all over and despite the fact they are completely “out of pocket” are hugly popular, because you get treated immediately. Also, in many cases you have no choice as there may not even be a government doctor available in your area. Small towns actually hold lotteries to see who gets to take a slot with the local doctor so you don’t have to drive 50 or 100 miles to a bigger city.
    And on.
    And on.
    And even before the US goes to rationed medicine they are talking about limiting care for “people who don’t take adequate care of themselves.” After all, they “cost other people money.” This charming suggestion comes from the Surgeon General but is supported by many in government. Naturally, it will begin with outcasts such as smokers and the overweight…but heart disease is the number one killer in America. Red meat is solidly linked with coronary disease, as are other foods. I think you can see where this is going. “Sin taxes” on unapproved lifestyles and activities would multiply like rats once the legislation was put in place via smoking and obesity. And I can see huge taxes on “unhealthy” food such as sodas, alcohol, etc. Because “it costs other people money.” (Whatever happened to the liberal rallying cry of “my body, my choice”?)
    Socialized medicine is rationed medicine and should always be referred to as such. It also makes your body the property of the State and that is especially revolting.
    People who support rationed care in the US seem to universally believe that it will be “business as usual…for free.” Fools!

  2. “People, we need to see this guy leave office ASAP”

    If only it was that simple Hud. But unfortunately, another criminal will just take his place. Short of a revolution, the only possible hope for true leadership _for the people_ to return is if this two-faction single party charade is dismantled. When “3rd” party alternatives start getting their fair share of media time, people might actually wake up and realise that there is actually a possibility for real change. Leaders that put the people’s interest in front of lobbyists, bankers and the other elite criminal scumbags.

  3. What Obama is doing is criminal. If I ran my home the way he is running and proposing to run the government, I would be jailed. Where are all the conservatives is all this. If you all want our country bankrupted only to be taken over by the world bank and subsequently, the UN, keep voting for the jerk. This is where it is headed.

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