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As predicted, the people are really starting to hate President Obama. Not because he’s black, not because of racism. But because he is doing just about everything wrong and goes over seas and acts like a Hollywood lefty dissing his own country. He even bowed to the Saudi King, who is hated by Muslims, especially the Islamo-Fascists who want to kill us. Smooth move, Barry!


Of course, the media has mostly fawned over Obama and his wife during their trip, making the press even more useless than ever. Some of the obsequious displays on some news channels were almost a parody if they weren’t so revolting.

But back home the partisan divide is even bigger than Bush’s. And it’s growing. It’s the biggest in the modern age, And he’s barely been at this two months!


I was watching Geraldo this weekend, mainly because I had the TV on in the background and he was calling Obama’s European trip a triumph. Yeah. The same way the G20 has solved the economic crisis. Riiiiight.

The deluded scam artists politicians are all going to feel the heat from their local populous. I suspect the crazed out of work killers we’re seeing now, and the riots over seas are just the opening salvo in what is going to be a rocky 4 years. Even people he once counted as allies are starting to hate him.

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  1. There were even anti-Obama demonstrations in Istanbul, which used to be at least somewhat pro-American.
    Apparently when we were told The Light Worker would travel the world and make all countries love us again after than mean old Bush got everyone mad, it might have been a slight exaggeration.
    Can you imagine what Obama’s approval ratings would be if the media wasn’t frantically spinning, and covering his ass?

  2. Notice how Republicans usually are in the plus column and Dems are in the negative in the first two months of their presidency. It means independents and Dems are more comfortable with Republican presidents than Republicans and Independants are with Dems.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised. Except the people who tied their star to him seem damned determined to defend him at all costs. They are going nuts on the lefty sites attacking any conservatives who question the greatness of Obogus.

    There seems to be an orchestrated campaign to make all the people on Fox look crazy or stupid. They’re even attacking Neil Cavuto of all people, just because he points out the obvious about Obama’s shell game.

  4. It’s pretty disgusting but I can understand why Barry’s getting away with this.

    The people who elected him are far-left ideologues (cue my sister the college professor) or people who are utterly clueless about politics and economics in this country (most people who elected Obama — including my sisters and most Lefties — and a good chunk of people who normally wouldn’t have voted “D” but did because they were upset at “R”).

    The vast majority of these people don’t know squat about geopolitics, protocol, and what’s going on in the world. They’re only concerned about their toenails and the next government handout.

    Yep, they’re short-sighted!

  5. Bush left a gaping wound that the people wanted healed. It is not that they wanted a fervent socialist agenda in place, they just wanted something better. Most people that voted couldn’t tell you the difference between typical left and right idealogies, part due to the fact that the two major parties are so similiar.

    People saw the hope for “change” in Obama, and they bought it. The economic meltdown was already in full swing by the time he was inaugurated so his poor ratings aren’t too surprising – he inherited a sinking ship. To compare them against past presidents is erroneous because the situations are much, much different.

    The fact of the matter is that this downturn has been planned, and Obama was chosen to play his role in transforming the country. There is no doubt how rife the Obama worship is, and those who engineered this mess need him at the head to spew rhetoric to millions and feed them lies about how his policies will fix America and the world. Too many still have glazed eyes and the Obama-love will continue, and it will be too late when these people realise that it is not their interests that Obama is truly serving.

    Again, this is not a left vs right thing. As pissed of many conservatives are about the horrid mass leveraging continuing throughout the economy, we have to understand that this isn’t a product of the Obama & Democratic party. Exactly the same thing would have occurred had McCain got in. The banksters have too much influence in Washington and together with their media buddies they were always going to get what they wanted. They must sit back and laugh at the endless hateful discourse going back and forth between left leaning and right leaning pundits, commentators and bloggers. Meanwhile, the agenda roles on.

    Bitching about ‘the other side’ will not instigate change. It only strengthens the opposition and the old adage of ‘divide and conquer’ is maintained. While the current system doesn’t lend itself to genuine free speech and politcal accountability, there are still a few members of congress trying to get to the bottom of this mess. If you want geniune change, support the congressmen like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich who are trying to put through bills like HR1207, which will lead to an audit of the Federal Reserve (presently it is against US law to audit this private institution). They are the last bastions of hope within this corrupt system, all the focus should be on supporting them to undercover it.

    Endless left vs right bitching is irrelevant and counterproductive. The sooner people realise that, the sooner hope for a better future can grow. If we continue down the same path, much, much worse will be in store for us all.

  6. As I’ve said before, I know. However, the Dems are in virtual full control, and their policies are making things much worse. I agree that both parties aren’t that much different. I complained about Bush being the party nominee in 2000 because he was shoved down people’s throats during the primaries. And Obama was rammed down people’s throats during the primaries last year.

    Whenever the media or the powers that be push someone, that is a classic sign that they are NOT The person you want in power. I pretty much pegged Bush in 2000 as a corporate tool. And Obama is a tool for other forces.

    (yeah, I know Bush went after Enron and so on. The fact is, however, a lot of corporate buddies of his and Cheney made out like bandits with no bid contracts and over billing they got away with).

    Bush over spent. Obama is making Bush look like he’s a scot.

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