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  1. Wouldn’t worry too much about those guys, Hud.

    They’re pretty much part of the Kool-Aid crowd.

    I’m not part of the Tea Party YET but I have noticed people drinking the Ed Schultz tea and the generally slanted coverage by the media. I’m sure they’re tying the militia groups into the Tea Party already.

  2. If your political cartoons AREN’T pissing some people off, you need to ratchet it up a notch. As you say, that’s what they are for.
    I wonder what these people thought of all the vicious Bush cartoons? Hypocritically, as usual, I suppose.

  3. Ted Rall fans, I assume. 🙂

    I believe that political cartoons don’t have teeth unless the other side isn’t annoyed by it. I got people talking. There you go.

    Of course, the predictable response from the echo chamber is that I’m a hack, insane, etc. Which is their way of saying it got to them.

  4. I actually had to explain the “Bitchwoman” joke to someone. “You know Catwoman, right? And that cats have pointy ears? See her floppy ears? She’s a “dog woman,” you see? And what do you call a female dog?”
    Liberals. Geez.

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