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  1. Ha!

    Very hard to hate this guy!

    Great point he made about Obama… I wish the women in my family had listened!

    I knew Big O was a crook — it’s part and parcel of being in Chicago politics and most of Illinois in general — but the part about his inexperience and complete lack of understanding about America really only became very obvious to most people after 1 year in office. At the two-year point, I certainly hope enough people see that Obama is NOT worthy of a second term. He’s incompetent andd completely out of his depth. He may go with the Republicans on a few things for a while to save his political hide for the short term but in the end it doesn’t mean he isn’t a ideologue who won’t keep on going over the cliff like a lemming. We can’t afford to keep someone like that in office!

    I agree with Christie… Stay for at least one full term as Governor of NJ, get some positive things going to hopefully set the state back on course — a long mission given how messed up the state has become in the past 40 years — and THEN run for national office.

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