OJ Finds The Real Killer!

According to the Daily Mail, OJ Simpson confessed to the murder of his ex-wife Nicole to Oprah. He claims it was in self defense.

Yeah. I suppose he killed the waiter Goldman in self defense too.

I’m not sure if he can be criminally tried because of double-jeopardy laws. But if he really is panning to confess this nonsense on national TV that will be a ratings grabber for her struggling new network OWN. If anyone still cares about OJ, that is.

Most people felt OJ murdered his wife. It was rather obvious. I remember arguing for hours with the non believers online back during the trial. People would believe any crap the defense came up with no mater how absurd. In the end, even most of those people came to the realization that he probably did it.

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  1. I had a different take.
    In our justice system, it is better for 1 guilty guy to go free than to compromise the system and set inappropriate precedents.
    The prosecution botched this case badly; so even tho we believed OJ was guilty, it was better to aquit.
    If he was guilty in this case the way it was presented then anyone could be convicted at any time.
    Therefore even tho we knew OJ did it’ we voted for aquittal.

    • The fact is innocent people usually get sent up and guilty go free half the time. Except now, with DNA that happens a lot less. Here we had a case where DNA should have convicted him, but it was early in the DNA days. Nowadays, he would have gone to prison. But he’s there anyway. Karma

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