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  1. And when Napolitano discovered recently that agents had raided a factory in Texas and arrested a couple dozen illegals, she was horrified. She apologized for the raid, released the illegals…and gave most of them work permits.
    Gee, I feel real secure with her in charge of the DHS. More like the “Department of Getting Latino Votes for the Democrats.”

  2. Pretty bad, but it could have been worse. A laywer buddy told me that the Border Patrol can rip your car/truck apart and oh BTW – they are not responsible for putting it back together. Harken back in time to a certain “leader” who had a bunch of jackbooted thugs too.

  3. I had no idea. I wonder how many other vile laws have been passed in the shadows while the MSM and the usual suspects are whining about loud music being torture.
    Then again, under Napolitano, the law is about 110% unlikely to be used. So for now….

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