One Nation vs Beck

The difference is vast. I predict the Jon Stewart/Colbert event on the 20th will be even smaller. Big Government doesn’t have a lot of fans. And the ones who are for it tend to be slobs.

BTW: Can we stop calling these people liberals already? They aren’t liberals. They are out and out statists. There is nothing liberal about that.

[image vis Doug Ross]

UPDATE: Crowd analysis done by Pajamas Media (with cites) show the Beck Rally was between 250.000 and 400,000. The One Nation rally was between 22,000 to 85,000. So much for them. As I said, I will be surprised if the Jon Stewart thing gets even that many people.

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  1. Funny how the “Progressive” crowd polluted a lot more than the Tea Party crowd.

    Aren’t Progressives supposed to be Green? They sure weren’t green with all the crap they left lying around after that joke of a rally!

    P.S. to Progressives — When populate your speakers with half-witted loons like Harry Belafonte (who must be suffering some dementia — he looked horrible!) and certifiably racist demagogues, it doesn’t help your cause.

    The “horrible” Tea Partiers seemed by comparison 1,000-10,000 nicer and were NORMAL working folks..

    I don’t know that anyone in the “Progressive” crowd had done much working or speaking that didn’t involve racial epiphets and repeating tired communist slogans.

    Even Castro admits communism is tired… and he’s been repeating himself lately, too!

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