Our Political Choices

The best way to annoy me in a political argument is to tell me I’m a Republican, merely because I often criticize Democrats. It’s annoying for two simple reasons. I was never a Republican except when I registered as one to vote for Reagan’s second term against the statist Walter Mondale. And even then I just did that to vote that time. I’m usually registered as an Independent and have always been an independent. The second reason is I don’t really like either party for a variety of reasons. I’ve always been politically agnostic. I don’t believe in the parties that exist and i don’t buy what they’re selling. The reason is simple. Neither party does what they claim to represent. Both are two sides of the same statist coin.

So we’re heading into another presidential election and its safe to say I’m not voting for Obama. He’s got to be the worst president in history hands down.

But I really don’t like my choices on the other side either. Lets review them.

1. Mitt Romney: He’s a believer in big government. A fiscal conservative supposedly who also thinks health insurance can be mandated by the government and who has a pretty RINO record over all. He’s more than likely going to be our Republican nominee. Better than Obama but he’s still a statist anyway you look at it. No one’s excited about him. He’s kind of like the Republican John Kerry. What really bugs me is hes the establishments choice. Always a bad sign. And he’s also the “next in line” guy which is one of my pet peeves against Republicans. They don’t listen to the base.

2. Rick Santorum: He’s openly anti-gay which to me is so early 20th century. But aside from that hes a social-conservative which means he thinks the state has business telling people how to run their personal lives. I oppose statism totally and especially oppose those who are for the government interfering in social issues. The government messes up every thing it touches when it does that. No thanks. Plus his conservative record is questionable at best. I don’t expect him to win. He does debate well and he does have reasonably good positions on Iran but hes probably another Huckabee.

3. Ron Paul: As a libertarian I am more or less in sympathy with Ron Paul on a lot of issues. However his views on how the US should be in the world are fine on paper but at the moment they would be disastrous. We can’t afford to let Iran run around like they are, as much as I hate the idea of another war, they have openly stated they plan to use nukes on the US and Israel when they get one. Its not a game of chicken. They are ruled by maniacs. And the current administration has only helped Islamic extremists since hes been in power, helping them take over Egypt and Libya. Paul’s approach to foreign policy sounds extremely unrealistic. His views on the debt are right on the money though. And he is the only candidate who gets it about the state being out of control. I suspect if he were ever elected, which I doubt will happen, they would find a way to shorten his term which is scary in itself. We are in dire straights and i don’t see a lot of hope in the three leading candidates.

4. Perry: Seems to me to be another Bush in a lot of ways. He differs from Bush in some areas, but i don’t think he’ll get the nomination so it doesn’t matter.

5. Gingrinch: A very smart and knowledgeable man but also immature and spiteful. He’s a poor loser and a mean, street fighter. Which might make him effective in some ways but a turn off in others. He’s also truly inconsistent and all over the map. He’s too beltway as well. Very big government in many ways, despite his claims to the contrary. Champion global warming with Nancy Pelosi is just one example of how he can be snookered by the same statist drivel.

Ultimately. anyone but Obama is a better choice but I’m not encouraged by the list and it seems the public isn’t too fired up either. Romney isn’t exciting too many people. He does seem to be a seasoned pro and confident and all that but he’s another rich guy who doesn’t really seem to connect well with the masses. Fortunately for him, Obama seems to have lost his mojo there. We’ll see how this election year shapes up.

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