Our Response to the Cartoon Controversy

Our latest Obama Nation cartoon has caused quite a stir. It’s gained national attention. Naturally, the shills for the Obama Administration at Media Matters decided to draw national attention to it because, why deal with real issues like the President’s nation destroying budget?

The media was asking for our response to calls that the cartoon is racist. So here they are:

James Hudnall:

As a classical liberal (aka Libertarian) I’m opposed to the nanny state. The first lady has every right to express her opinions about obesity or try to bring awareness to the issue, but when an unelected official starts dictating what industries should do, it deserves our scorn. She’s decided to tell schools what foods and drinks they can sell to kids. And now she started telling the National Restaurant Association (NRA) what they should be doing regarding portion sizes and options. When you combine her actions with recent attempts by other politicians like NYC mayor Bloomberg to legislate salt and transfats, it’s starting to come off like creeping fascism.

The government has no business intruding on citizens personal lives beyond enforcing reasonable laws. But control freaks never tire of interfering with other people’s choices and options.

There is nothing racist about the cartoon. The artist (Batton Lash) merely drew the first couple in caricature, which is what political cartoonists do. All we’ve done was to take a mild poke at the hypocrisy of the first lady. The press has already detailed the kind of foods served at white house dinners. It’s rarely diet friendly. Such as the menu at their super bowl party.

When someone steps out on to the political stage, they have to expect criticism from people who disagree with them. It doesn’t matter what their race is. Race doesn’t give them a free pass. Our criticism was very mild. The reaction the cartoon has gotten, which has been fueled by political agitators like Media Matters, has been over the top. The true measure of success of any political cartoon is how it effects the other side in the argument. Apparently, this one was a home run.

Batton Lash:

Why/How did you decide to create this?

Writer James Hudnall and I collaborate on a political cartoon every week for Big Government.com. We find the “do as I say, not as I do” approach of the Obamas hypocritical and ripe for ridicule. The First Lady seeks to enforce healthy eating on the nation, while indulging on snacks in public appearances. And that White House Super Bowl party menu! If good leaders lead by example, the Obamas are sending mixed messages.

What would you say to critics that are offended about the depiction of the President and those who argue the cartoon is racist?

What’s racist about it? Cartooning—specifically political cartooning– has always been about exaggeration, whether it was Nixon’s prominent jowls, Carter’s toothy smile, or Bush ll’s beady eyes. If our current president is exempt because of the color of his skin, I think that would be racist. By the way, I didn’t depict the First Lady as fat—just a hearty eater!

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  1. As a general social philosophy libertarianism is mad, mad, mad!!! The pure freedom libertarians worship is only meant for that segment of society which can truly govern themselves, a very thin slice indeed of the populous. Traditionally “anarchism” was a legitimate option of governance for the priestly class only…that is before its corruption precluded it from such “freedoms.” Aristotle described the devolution of society and its governing systems wherein democracy was awarded the lowest designation after timocracy, the less corrupted form of group determination. In that survey he gave pure monarchy the best chance of success with saintly advisers operating above the law providing moral guidance to the king and through him to society at large. The rest of society, namely the military, the merchants, and the common workers were strictly submissive to the laws of the government, benign and enlightened as they were. No one but those few individuals with complete control of their senses was “free.” Why? Because anyone subject to the urges of lust, anger and greed will by definition devise ways to prey upon his fellow man and therefore collectively erode society to the point of full destruction. Without law the chaos of the jungle will prevail. Survival of the fittest will succeed in reducing civilization to bloody rubble where the greatest savages become master. Libertarianism is an opium dream with only hellish consequences. Cruel reality dictates that devolved humanity must be restrained more and more as it becomes less and less worthy of freedom. It’s a shame that those with good intent must suffer restrictions for the crimes of the more base among us, but otherwise society will definitely fall off the cliff as the precariousness of our last economic debacle so starkly foreshadowed. Aristotle and the great philosophers of the past would have found the current mania for “freedom” nothing more than humanity’s final effort to throw open the full contents of Pandora’s Box.

    • Actually, libertarianism comes in different flavors,. I said I was a classical liberal. Your definitions are largely wrong. Anarchism is the absence of government. I am for limited government because that is the only way we can hold politicians in relative check. The more power they have, the more prone to corruption the government becomes.

      It’s all about human nature. Human nature is inescapable, Big government (aka statist) societies never work because human nature destroys them, They go against human nature by trying to legislate how people are supposed to act. It’s impossible and frankly wrong to try to force people to be something they’re not. Classical Libertarianism is generally Aristotelian. Statism is more platonic.

    • Wow,

      You really did study philosophy and politics from a hippie.

      Sorry, but reality is a bitch and frankly none of what you’ve said passes muster for reality anywhere but a college campus which is about as far removed from reality as any place on the planet.

      Get a job outside of the academic workforce and you’ll see most of your professors were full of it politically. These guys wouldn’t last five minutes at McDonald’s let alone greeter at Wal-Mart’s. Most of them aren’t equipped for anything higher than those jobs.

      The socialist utopia your professors believe in only leads to tyranny and failed societies.
      The irony is that these Soviet, socialist, and South American/East Asian dictator worshippers don’t realize this despite all the historical evidence. That’s not theoretical B.S. like you’re reciting… BTW, all your definitions are wrong so you really weren’t paying attention in class OR had a real poor excuse of a teacher.

      WAKE UP!

  2. It only makes me ashamed to be a Conservative Republican. Yes this is racist even if you keep screaming it’s not. At the very least it’s in bad taste. By the way how many school kids do you think the Obamas asked to the Super Bowl party to eat hot wings? Not many and most adults know when to stop eating fattening foods. She’s mostly conserned about what school kids eat.
    Those are definately suppose to be ape ears. It’s not even funny or creative. If he was Jewish instead of being Black would they have drawn him with a big nose? I hope people do as Lawrence O’donnel suggest and openly chastise them in public until they realize they are doing nothing to help our country by posting such degrading cartoons. And if you don’t think it’s racist to depict blacks with big ears just google “Big Eared N****rs”.

      • This is what is going to divide this great nation, what are we building in this culture of unity? Hatred is a bitch..racist; after all these years of slavery what else do you want to preach?

      • This is what is going to divide this great nation, what are we building in this culture of unity? Hatred is a bitch..racist; after all these years of slavery what else do you want to preach?

        • Please…!

          Stop smoking whatever you are smoking and THINK!

          It’s a sad day when you can’t criticize any politician for bad policies JUST BECAUSE HE’S BLACK.

          You’ve fallen into the pit of circular argument and emotional reasoning that Extreme Leftists and the current Democratic Leadership WANT YOU TO BE IN.

          What am I saying??? You”re a frikkin’ moron….

      • This is what is going to divide this great nation, what are we building in this culture of unity? Hatred is a bitch..racist; after all these years of slavery what else do you want to preach?

    • You are no Conservative, let alone a Republican.

      You are clueless and responding with emotion instead of thinking before you act.

      That’s the problem with you and many of the voters in this country…

      We need more thinking before acting and pondering of consequences before acting, too..

      The fact you are even injecting race into this when that’s NOT what the cartoons or discussion is about shows you’re not thinking at all…

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