Outrage Dujour

Another outrage (they seem to be a daily occurrence lately), the government is raising taxes on tobacco through the roof.

Now, you many not be a smoker. I’m not. Never was. But you have to watch how they’re penalizing smokers, because it’s just a dry run for what they’ll be doing to something you like in the near future. Watch as they do this with alcohol, sugar, gasoline, etc. Get ready.

On Wednesday, the federal tax will go from 39 cents per pack to $1.01. All the extra tax money is supposed to help fund the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan, or SCHIP. I’ve written about the new excise tax and SCHIP before and how it relates to cigars. On Wednesday the tax on individual cigars goes up as well, by 40 cents. It’s steep but not as bad as the original version of the SCHIP law, which called for an outrageous $10 tax per cigar. Now, that will be the tax on a box of cigars rather than an individual cigar. That hasn’t stopped the most popular cigar Web site from selling off inventory in what it’s calling “SCHIP Busters.”

The biggest losers in the new excise tax are the makers of roll-your-own tobacco.
Loose-leaf tobacco is a more fragmented industry with smaller producers than the monopolized cigarette industry. There are even a couple of family businesses still around, but most likely not for long. Wednesday happens to be April 1 and the new excise tax on roll-your-own tobacco looks an April Fool’s joke but it isn’t. The tax on RYO tobacco goes from $1.10 per pound to $24.78 per pound. That’s more than 2,100 percent! Tuesday, a sack of RYO tobacco will cost $15; Wednesday it will be $40.

Oh, “it’s for the children”. Gee, never heard that before.

If we don’t stand up to these clowns, they will continue to abuse us like a slap happy abusive boss. You going to stand for that?

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  1. You are a fucking idiot. It is no wonder a moron like Andrew Breitbart would have a has been comic book writer do an editorial. It is also no wonder you live in Vancouver. You are just vantucky to us. Go back to researching whether Obama is a citizen and leave the rest of us alone.

  2. dwk just made the case that Leftists don’t reason… They emote.

    dwk, I hope your government cheese tastes good because if Obama and his ilk get what they want that may be all you can afford!

    Don’t make the mistake in thinking the Leftists you vote into office give damn about you. You’re a paeon to them.

    P.S. — I don’t like smoking and tobacco products in general but I HATE the intrusion into people’s lives by government even more and the ridiculous arguments that this will save education, lower health care costs, etc. Like where have we heard that before? Oh, like the times we were told state lotteries were going to go to education budgets and they NEVER did!

    And it’s not as if giving even more money to the bloated education budget has made schools and the level of teaching better, either!

  3. dwk has made a very rounded statement, in that is has no point.
    If they really wanted to address the health issues, they’d crank up the tax on cigarettes, and eliminate it entirely on chewing tobacco, dip, and snus. Those have been shown in studies out of the US and Europe to be at least 98% less harmful to your health than cigarettes. Amazing! Sticking a bit of plant matter in your mouth is safer than setting it on fire and breathing the smoke into your lungs all day long for decades! A shocking medical discovery!
    But it’s not about common sense, it’s about the abolition mentality. There’s a reason why the laws always ban, tax, or restrict “tobacco products”–to give the modern day prohibitionists that special thrill up their leg.
    Now, to forestall the usual complaints: Cigarette smokers are more likely to get oral cancer than users of oral tobacco. And even so, it’s rare. The rate for a non-smoker is 0.04% over their lifetime, and for a smoker it’s 0.06% (“A 50% increase!” squeal the anti-tobacco groups, in an attempt to confuse and alarm the statistically challenged). And of course it varies with the type of oral tobacco. Snus, the Swedish version, has been shown in a 21-year study undertaken by the Swedish Government (ironically, in order to gather data that would allow them to ban it) to have no quantifiable health risk. That’s none, as in zero. The same is true for nasal snuff. The medical literature has only two (2) cases where they could draw a firm connection between nasal snuff use and cancer.
    So if they really care about people, they’d push them off cigs and towards non-burned tobacco. But it’s about power and money, so to hell with that.
    And finally, Obama said NO ONE would pay higher taxes under his regime. We now know he lied.

  4. Obama’s been pretty consistent in that he’s lied about everything, like his claim to have the most ethical administration possible. Or that he wouldn’t go after guns. Etc.

  5. “But it’s not about common sense, it’s about the abolition mentality.”

    I disagree. It is all about goverment revenue. While they’ll spout the usual rhetoric of public health, this is nothing but a cash grab. If they were in fact interested in improving people’s health, they’d spend all the revenue on educating us on how actually smoking is but it is in their interest for us to keep smoking.

    And again, this is not a Democrat or GOP thing, or a left or right thing, it is a goverment thing. Stop emphasising the difference. There is none.

  6. Jeremy,

    Actually there is a big difference between Dems and Republicans. Republicans stab you in the front.

    The other difference is they play to different crowds.

  7. Here’s another difference:

    “[W]hen Republicans ruin the environment, destroy the supply of affordable housing, and wreck the industrial infrastructure, at least they make a buck off it. The Democrats just do these things for fun.”
    –PJ O’Rourke

  8. Whenever a politician says a program is “for the children”, (s)he’s taking about the cost.

    Remermber “Bush lied, people died”? Now it’s “Obama spoke, now we’re broke”.

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