Outside, Looking In

As I have said many times before, I am politically independent. The more one watches world events, the more one should recoil from the madness of it all. The people who run our societies are either fools, or powerless to stop the mess created by decades of corruption and incompetence. What drives most politics these days is the desire of elites to manipulate the voters emotions into agreeing with certain agendas. That is all politics really is, the science of manipulating the masses to an end. 2000 years ago, Greek Philosopher Aristotle came up with the science or rhetoric, which is the art of persuasion. He broke it down into three things you need to use to get people on your side. You can use one or all of the three but these things must be used to get people on your side. Logos, pathos and ethos. Our so called leaders are all trained in this stuff and they put it to bad use.

Aristotle was also one of the founders of the science of ontology which is the study of reality. What is real and what is not? These are things that have been argued and discussed ever since. But as philosopher Martin Heidegger suggested, human beings in this modern age are largely losing their identity to popular culture which is telling them how and what to think. This is nothing new, as religions and rulers have been doing that for ages. But in the age of mass media, images and programs are showing us a reality which is largely artificial. And people are buying into it, trying to conform to the standards being set. Yet those who set the standards have to be incredibly screwed up creatures. Just look at what a mess people are today. Families are disintegrating, societies are in turmoil. Politics all over the world is poisonous.

People are increasingly turning away from political parties and are sick of being manipulated by the media. They are seeking their own truths in places like the internet where you can find all sorts of views and not just the limited pablum dished up on the networks. Alas, many people just go to websites where their own prejudices and narrow opinions of reality are reinforced rather than challenge themselves. You have a mind and you should exercise it like any other part of your body. It may be the part that needs exercise the most.

I’m often accused of taking sides in our political cartoons, but as I said, I am an independent. I am not political, I am anti-political. What I do is a reaction to what I perceive as false ideas and arguments being presented to us. I think, however, arguing over the details of political issues is something others have way more interest and time than I do. So I want to focus more on areas where I can have a unique point of view. To that end I am going to try to take some of my discussions here to different places, more philosophical and less seemingly partisan.

To me, the most important thing a person can do is question everything they are told, just like a child. A kid wants to know how the world works. But for some reason they stop at a certain point. I never wanted to stop asking questions. So I will continue to look at the world many take for granted. I will if what we’re being told is truly the facts or is it just someone else’s fiction.

As a writer of fiction for decades, I know fiction when I see it.

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