Palin Tea Party Speech

In cased you missed it. The haters of course attacked it. MSNBC being the best example of how ironic they are, calling it a “masterful exercise in hate.” As opposed to, an incompetent exercise in hate like MSNBC?

There’s nothing hateful about her speech, BTW. They confuse political debate with hate when it’s directed at the progressives.

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  1. This speech was nothing but neo-con tripe. The Tea Party has been usurped by the establishment Republicans. How very sad.

    War, cut spending, war, cut spending, war.

    If you want to cut spending, maybe start with suggestions HOW, instead of just spouting baseless rhetoric.

    The hope of a genuine third party option for 2012 has just be squashed.

  2. So what are you saying? There are no terrorists? We are fighting for some made up reason?

    We can’t pretend they will go away, you know. But there is plenty of waste, fraud and abuse in government that could be cut including in the defense department.

    I really didn’t hear much about war in her speech, merely dealing realistically with terrorists, which this govt isn’t doing. As for ideas or solutions, it was a general policy speech. She isn’t in a campaign at the moment.

  3. “If you want to cut spending, maybe start with suggestions HOW, instead of just spouting baseless rhetoric.”

    Damn right! I want to hear workable plans! Oh wait…you were talking about the Right, not the Left?
    Never mind.

  4. Ahh, yes, stopping the “waste, fraud and abuse”. Another meaningless cliche to dupe the conservative masses. Where is the talk of smaller government? Or the message of economic freedom? Isn’t this what the Tea Party movement stands for?

    The more bombs that are dropped on foreign lands the more terrorists are created. This pre-emptive nonsense has to stop, the country can simply not afford it.

    Toren – the point you make is apt. But if this movement is simply going to be highjacked by the Republican party then nothing good will come of it. If we’ve learnt anything from the last decade it is surely that the establishment “Left” and “Right” don’t actually differ that much. And that is the problem. I was hoping Palin could show some genuine leadership and present something new for this movement but my hope faded after hearing her speech.

    Conservatives have to unite, but if they’re guided by these wolves in sheep’s clothing then all this energy will be for nothing.

  5. Jeremy,

    It’s the chicken or the egg. The terrorists are already hatched. You can’t wish them away after the fact. But I fail to see why you’re making such a big deal about that after her speech.

    She was just a paid speaker at an event. La de dah. It always cracks me up how she makes some people go nuts.

    The Tea Party movement IS about smaller govt and no one wants that more than I do. I’m keeping my eye on them too, to make sure they aren’t co-opted by Republicans. What they may be trying to do is co-opt the Republicans, not the other way around.

  6. Smaller government also means an end to empire building. The nation is on the road to destruction not because of a handful of angry terrorists, but due to Beltway madmen whose political expendiency continues to trump common sense (not to mention the Constitution).

    The terrorist threat is insignificant to a hyperinflationary depression that is on the doorstep of the republic. The irony is that the insane level of military expenditure, together with rest of the Keynesian deficit spending nonsense is the very thing that will precipitate it.

    You can’t be a true fiscal conservative if you support of these wars. The debt problem can not be solved by a handful of token spending reductions. The solutions need to be far more extreme, and the first place to start is to end the interventionism.

    The Tea Party movement needs to understand this. The Fed’s printing press can only keep spinning for so long (and that ‘so long’ finished up about a decade ago).

  7. Well, I feel the Iraq war was poorly handled for a couple of years, but it’s done. Not much you can do about spilled milk. Afghanistan, we’re there. We can’t pull out and let it collapse back into Taliban hands. It’s pointless to rail against things that already happened.

    I have been a small government person my whole life, probably before you were born. I want it cut dramatically, down to the pre-progressive era bone. But I also live in the real world and I have to deal with that.

    The Fed is a major part of the problem. It allows government to keep up these expansions. It has to go.

  8. I just wanted to mention that the left, in general, grossly over-estimates the importance of Sarah Palin to the Tea Party right. She’s a nice spokesman, yes, but she’s not the head of the movement by a long shot. She has beliefs that are at odds with some of the core Tea Party ideas, for example.
    It’s nice to have her with us–it helps get the message out–but she’s not the Evil Empress of the Tea Party except to the left and the liberal media, who find the amorphous nature of the Tea Party difficult to deal with and need a target for their outrage.

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